Mom Posts Hilarious Back-To-School Photo For '200+ Likes', Ends Up Making National News

Every mom knows what it's like to have a countdown to the first day back to school. No matter how much we love our kids, we can't wait for them to get out of our hair.

While summer vacation is amazing, it's also pretty draining.

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Having to account for your kids day in and day out can put a lot of pressure on us parents.

We truly look forward to when they become the teacher's problem for six hours a day.

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There's nothing like a solid education (and also some freedom 5 days a week) to make every kid and mom feel fulfilled.

The latest trend in parenting and schooling has become those "back-to-school photos" shared widely on Instagram and Pinterest.

Every mom wants to get involved in the social media trend.

Some moms go for the innocent and sweet photos.

The typical "first day back" signs with their adorable kids to mark a new year.

Others opt for humor and fun.

Nothing better than trolling your kids!

One mom, however, came up with the perfect idea for her own back to school photo.

Facebook l Jena Willingham

Jena Willingham posed with her three kids — 11-year-old Wrangler, seven-year-old Emmy and four-year-old Sykes — while showing her true feelings about the first day of school.

Jena said she couldn't wait for summer to end.

“My kids have been fighting all summer, so I kept telling them I was counting down to the first day so I could have a pool day alone.

Since my youngest was starting this year, it would be the first time in 11 years I didn’t have a baby at home.”

At first, she thought it would get some likes.

Facebook l Jena Willingham

Jena sent the photo to her friend Paula before posting it online.

Paula said she would for sure get 200+ likes.

Little did she know, it would go viral.

The photo got over 7,000 likes and 18,000 shares.

And, national news outlets covered her story—reposting her photo. People, HuffPost and New York Daily News are just a few places that reposted her photo.

Lesson learned, moms!

You never know how "viral" your funny photos with your kids could actually go!

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