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Nail Art Features An Actual Working Toaster

Nail art has always been a thing, but people are really making their fingernails canvasses or backdrops for actual art.

And with social media virality, this gives more reason for nail artists to really get into their craft and fully create small exhibitions on people's fingertips.

The artists over at @nail_sunny are absolutely wild, and these toaster nails that actually work are next level.

The artists over at the salon Nail Sunny seem to be always finding ways to completely step up their own game.

Instagram | @nail_sunny

One artist molded a tiny toaster to plop onto a nail, but they didn't just sculpt a picture of a toaster, no no.

They made a tiny functional toaster. Yes, it actually pops toast.

Instagram | @nail_sunny

They first created an oval shape out of — honestly I don't know what they used to do it.

BUT, they then used some sort of motorized chiseling tool to carve out the slits of the toaster, as well as the handle that moves up and down to move the bread.

Alas, it cannot be a toaster without some toasted bread.

Instagram | @nail_sunny

With a careful up-and-down movement of the handle, the tiny pieces of bread move.

I mean, wh—how, why?

I've seriously watched this video clip over and over and over again. I'm just so impressed.

Definitely give it a watch to see how it works!

If this nail artist went into toaster art design, I wouldn't be upset about it.

Would you give these wild nails a try? Let us know!

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