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10+ Pics Showing Cindy Crawford And Her Daughter Kaia Looking Like Twins

These two are twins. Or sisters. Maybe clones?

Okay, yes, they're mother and daughter. And some mothers and daughters naturally look a lot alikeā€”but with Cindy Crawford and Kaia Gerber, the resemblance goes way beyond uncanny.

Windswept realness? Check.

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Let's start with something pretty easy: you can tell the two apart thanks to Cindy's signature mole.

Even then, all of the same facial elements are there. And, of course, some super high hair.

Queens at dripping in jewels.

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This is genuinely shocking.

Cindy is preparing for a fashion show, while Kaia is walking a red carpet.

Honestly, this just proves that they should always be covered in jewels, you know?

Welcome to New York.

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Y'all, I swear on my life that these are two different people.

The first is a #TBT from Cindy's Instagram, the second is just Kaia walking around New York.

Listen, if you don't believe me, just look at how old the cell phone in Cindy's hand is. See?

They look alike literally all the time.

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Some throwback pictures really show off how much Kaia looks like a young Cindy.

However, they still have a strong resemblance even in their pictures together. I mean, they totally have the same nose.

Again, I promise you these are different people.

Instagram | @cindycrawford, @kaiagerber


The left is Cindy in a #TBT from her Instagram, the right is Kaia.

Cindy's brows are less arched here, making her look a lot like Kaia. But wow, same cheekbones.

They totally have the same nose.

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Listen, we justt need to go over all the same facial features they have. Here we go:

Brows, cheekbones, noses, jaws...tbh, Kaia just needs a mole and she'd be Cindy's mini-me.

K, so my yearbook photo doesn't look this good.

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I am so mad right now. These two are out here being actual models in their yearbooks (maybe because they are actual models, but shhh), and the rest of us have to live with our regular 'ol yearbook pictures.


Black and white and twins all over.

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Well, it's good to know that they also twin in black and white, too.

They're both so effortlessly cool. Kaia totally looks like a modern reboot of Cindy, right? Trust me, that makes sense.

This doesn't have a theme. They're just twins.

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Sidebar, Cindy's hair is so fantastic here that I immediately want to go and get my hair cut like that.

Big hair making a comeback was the best thing to ever happen to fashion. Thanks.

Just a mother/daughter Vogue moment, no big deal.

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What activities do you do with your mom? I go to Costco with mine. We watch '90s scifi movies, that sort of thing.

Cindy and Kaia? They do photoshoots for Vogue. So, that's totally the same thing.

Guys, Cindy's genes really did all the work.

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Their vibes totally match here.

The simplicity of their makeup, the hair, the light? Okay twins, I see you.

I can't believe that cover was from 1988! She's aged so beautifully, you guys.

Their selfies are adorable.

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Kaia captioned this one "I don't see the resemblance."

They have to get their hair done together, right? The color is identical. I honestly hope they do that on purpose because it's adorable.

Of course they can rock the same look decades apart.

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There's something so timeless about a side swept curl.

Their necklaces even share a silhouette (and metal), but Kaia's look is obviously more modern with her more neutral lip.

Still, Cindy may be the queen of red lips.

They twin on red carpets!

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I love that they both wore light, flowing dresses to this event!

Cindy's face is so full I love, I kind of want to cry. Their relationship is so cute and sweet.

A white top and some '90s style.

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Oh, y'all thought I was done?

These pictures have different energies, but the resemblance between the two is undeniable.

Kaia's look is so '90s here, too. A high-necked, cropped, stretchy tank top is the most '90s thing in the world.