Mom's Viral Post Reminds All Parents That There's No Shame In Asking For Help

Parents are always superheroes trying to prove to the world they can do it all. No matter how hard we try, all parents cannot be everywhere and do everything with perfection.

It's unrealistic to think parents can do the job all on their own.

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Raising kids is a lot of work. And, at times, it's stressful.

It's no secret we're pulled in 25 directions on a daily basis.

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Whether you have one, two, three, four, or five kids (or even more), you're always pulled in every direction to do things.

Asking for help is something that most parents need to do, but feel bad doing.

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For some reason, society has created an idea around "asking for help" as showing signs of bad parenting or weakness.

However, there's no shame in asking other parents for a bit of help.

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Whether we need a diaper, a wipe, or even some sunscreen — we should never feel bad asking for a helping hand.

Mom Shelby Beck shared a powerful post on Facebook about her own experience.

Facebook l Shelby Beck

She wrote:

"This morning while at the park I noticed a mama playing catch with her toddler as she swayed back and forth, patting the tush of the newborn tucked tightly against her chest."

The mom approached her.

Facebook l Shelby Beck

"She shrugged her shoulders and quietly said 'I’m embarrassed to even ask, but do you happen to have sunscreen we can use?' As if she was somehow ashamed that she forgot to pack sunscreen today."

She then addressed all moms reading her post.

Facebook l Shelby Beck

"Please ask me if I have sunscreen. Ask if I have baby wipes, diapers or even extra snacks.

Ask me if your toddler can sit down and play with us while you find a shady bench to nurse your newborn.

Hand me your phone and ask me to take a picture of you with your sweet babies - we all know mamas aren’t in enough photos."

She continued...

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"Ask for help. Ask for love. Ask for anything.

Even though we are strangers, please ask me. "

The ending was all too touching.

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"It’s not easy being responsible for little humans but it’s easier if we help each other out.

We’re all in this together."

Her post has been shared over 240,000 times, proving that all moms feel this deep down.

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We truly are all in this together.

Moms, never be afraid to ask for help!

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No one is judging you. In fact, we relate to you more than you know.

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