8+ Moms Struggling Hilariously With Pregnancy Brain

Every expecting mother knows that one thing is for sure when you become pregnant —so does your brain. Pregnancy brain is something that is so real, it hurts.

This mom who forgot how to do laundry.

I'm sure they smell fantastic now.

This mom who can't remember her words.


This mom who had a scare.

Oops, big mistake.

This mom who totally made a huge error.

Someone else had a lucky day.

This mom who forgot her food.


This mom who made a word whoopsie.

Ummmm, that's not what I meant.

This mom who totally was late to work.

That's definitely too far.

This mom who invited her friends to the wrong house.

Imagine the awkward look for the owners of THAT house.

This mom who misplaced her Apple Watch.

Keeping it cold!

This mom who can't find the coat closet.

That's not where my coat is...

This mom who tried to take a bath. "Tried" is the keyword here.


This mom who totally flopped the coffee.

Ouch, that's no fun.

This mom who "lost" her wallet.

It was there the WHOLE time.

This mom who can't figure out the alarm.

Simple math, y'all.

This mom who wore two different shoes out.

At least they look similar!

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