Ikea Is Creating Affordable Houses For People With Dementia So They Can Live Independently

People love the Swedish home furniture and decor giant Ikea, and what makes people love the company even more is their work in the community. They've opened their doors to animals, and have even worked with local shelters to provide them linens and other textiles to keep our furry friends cozy.

If you didn't know, Ikea teamed up with Swedish development company Skanska to create BoKlok, a prefabricated housing concept that offers affordable and sustainable homes to individuals.

So, they're taking their partnership a step further, and are in the works to develop a prefab housing complex and community for elderly individuals with dementia.

Swedish companies Ikea and Skanska are seriously doing some great things with their prefab housing development company, BoKlok.


BoKlok is in the works to develop SilviaBo, an eco-friendly housing concept in partnership with the Silviahemmet Foundation for individuals with dementia aged 55 or older.

Its focus is on affordability, sustainability, safety, security, and community, and to make it really feel like home and not a care home for those with dementia.

The design is created with complete thoughtfulness and understanding in mind for those who suffer from dementia to make it as safe and secure as possible.


They plan on installing extra wide doors, special electrical and easy-to-use appliances and systems, several support handles, all to make life enjoyable and easy.

They also want residents to spend a lot of time outside and create community.


They plan to create therapeutic gardens, and even a community center for everyone to enjoy.

It's all about making those suffering with dementia comfortable and happy in an affordable home that they can call their own, and have a sense of independence.


They will only pay what they can personally afford after taxes, which is amazing.

While this housing complex is only in design and development stages, with a small pilot of six apartments ready outside of Stockholm, we can't wait to see this housing project's progress!

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