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Krispy Kreme Is Releasing Kit Kat Donuts For A Supreme Team Of Sweetness

Over the last year, Krispy Kreme has seriously stepped their flavor game up. While they nailed the distinctive taste of their original glazed donuts decades ago, everybody needs to mix things up every now and then.

And so, they did just that over the last couple of months with their Reese's peanut butter chocolate donuts and a special birthday cake variant to celebrate the company's 82nd birthday.

But it looks like they weren't done making our childhood dreams come true because they've got a new delicious idea on the way. However, there's a catch.

On Tuesday, one of Krispy Kreme's Instagram accounts hyped people up for a "Whole new break."

Instagram | @krispykremeuk

This was accompanied by a picture of a Kit Kat wrapped in foil with Krispy Kreme's name on it.

As you might expect, this meant they were ready to release some all new donuts with a Kit Kat twist.

As we would soon learn, this will take the form of dipping one of their classic donuts in chocolate.

Instagram | @krispykremeuk

Then, they cover half of the donut with crushed Kit Kat pieces to give it the right aesthetic.

The final touch is top this creation with a milk chocolate Kit Kat bite.

Instagram | @krispykremeuk

According to Best Products, Krispy Kreme is also to release a white chocolate version of this donut at the same time.

The donuts will see a limited time release between August 23 and October 13.

Krispy Kreme UK

Unfortunately, it turns out that this delicious treat will only be available in the U.K..

As sad as that is to hear, it's good to remember that the cinnamon Coca Cola was once a U.K. exclusive, but it did well enough there that they brought it stateside.

The ball's in your court, British snackholics.

h/t: Best Products