Star Of 'Grey's Anatomy' Blames Another Actress For Getting Her Killed Off

Ooh would you look at this!

It seems that we have some real-life drama on the drama-full TV show that is Grey's Anatomy! Well, this ought to be interesting, don't you think?

'Grey's Anatomy'.


Ah yes, the show that has men and women alike snapping their fingers and going "oh no you didn't" (or saying that between woeful sobs, depending on what the moment entails).

There are so many characters that we love and that we love to hate.


One character that springs to mind that some fans miss is Adele Webber, played by the ultimately talented actress Loretta Devine.

But get this, Grey's fans: her departure from the show might not have been because of her character's Alzheimers!


Apparently, she blames none other than actress Debbie Allen for her getting the proverbial ax.

As you already know...


Debbie Allen's character became quite the love interest for Adele Webber's husband, Richard Webber, so they no longer needed Loretta Devine.

She might actually (probably jokingly, mind you) blame Debbie for her firing!

Ooh, scandalous!