'This Is Us' Returns To NBC On September 24

This Is Us is coming back, which means you have to get your box of tissues ready. Because yes, you WILL be crying, because this show always makes us cry.

So get ready to dive back into the heartache.

If it helps at all, this season is set to be even more heartbreaking then the one from before.


Great news, am I right?

The upcoming plot twists are meant to be seriously tear-jerk worthy.

From images that have been released from the upcoming season, we know that this season will not be showing much of the future.


And instead, it will show more of the past.

The 1970s to be exact.


So that'll be interesting to see.

I wonder how they'll portray the characters at that time! I hope we get to see some weddings.

Are you excited?

I'm excited, but I kind of just want to buy a lot of tissue boxes.

We'll need them. Let us know in the comments if you're pumped!