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People Are Not Happy With Minnie Mouse Changing Her Signature Polka Dot Dress

Change is never fun or easy for anyone. It abruptly unseats you from the cusp of your comfort zone and sends you barreling down headfirst into the unknown.

Fans of the beloved Disney character Minnie Mouse have been experiencing this in spades after it was announced that Minnie would be changing from her signature polka dot dress, into a brand new pantsuit.

No Disney character is considered to be more iconic than Mickey Mouse — save for one.

The only other "person" who could ever rival the flagship character of the House of Mouse, is none other than Mickey's beloved wife — Minnie.

Minnie Mouse made her Disney debut on November 18th, 1928 in 'Steamboat Willie'.

Minnie never had a cartoon series of her own, but she did go on to appear in 74 different cartoons, alongside Mickey and his faithful dog, Pluto.

Over the decades, Minnie has become known for her syndicated sense of fashion.

In particular, her red polka dot dress. But now, after 90 odd years, it seems that Minnie is poised for a wardrobe upgrade — one which seeks to transport her firmly into the 21st century.

Instead of the fabled red and white polka dot dress, Minnie will now be changing into a professional looking pantsuit!

The polka dots are still intact, albeit with a much more subdued color pattern. Minnie is also still rocking the classic hairbow that's epitomized her look for more than 90 years.

Minnie's new look comes courtesy of fashion designer, Stella McCartney.

If the name rings a bell, that's because Stella, on top of being a fashion mogul and animal rights activist, also happens to be the daughter of Beatles' legend, Paul McCartney.

Minnie's new look was designed to help celebrate the 30-year anniversary of Disneyland's Paris resort.

In a statement published via the BBC, Stella said "This new take on her signature polka dots makes Minnie Mouse a symbol of progress for a new generation."

The new blue polka dot pantsuit is set to debut at the beginning of March — just in time for Women's History Month.

As can be expected with any big change, Minnie's new outfit has received a myriad of responses thus far. While the overwhelming majority remain positive, there are those who staunchly oppose Minnie's new makeover.

Twitter user @Britney07195550 accused Disney of catering to "woke" culture.

"The design's nice, but we're talking about a character that is almost 100 years old. The og look is timeless, and the whole point of it was to differentiate her from Mickey (especially back in the 20s). Minnie in a suit makes her look like Mickey in a suit."

Others felt that this was a flagrant attempt at rebranding.

For the record, plenty of women wear pantsuits and there are countless instances of men wearing dresses. Switching things up isn't an attack on the culture, it's an indication that the times are changing and becoming more accepting.

As surprising as this move might appear to some, this is not the first time Minnie has traded her dress for trousers.

Back in 2019, the cartoon mouse made her debut as "Captain Minnie" aboard the Disney Cruise Line. She wore a red Naval Officer's jacket, complete with a Captain's cap and white pants.

Disney reps have also confirmed that Minnie's new look is only temporary.

As was mentioned earlier, the whole point behind Minnie's updated look is to help celebrate women. She will be wearing the new polka dot pantsuit for one month, and afterward will resume wearing her red and white polka dot dress.