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Woman Asks If She's Wrong For Refusing To Make Gender Reveal Cake For Her Ex

Having an amicable relationship with an ex-partner can be incredibly difficult to navigate, especially if there are children involved. As a parent, you often have to put aside your own issues with your ex in an effort to do what's best for the child.

However, what do you do when your ex-husband'snew girlfriend wants a gender reveal cake from you after she was "the other woman" in the relationship?


Thankfully, we don't have to go about these life crisis situations on our own.

When in doubt, take to the wonderful world of Reddit and ask away, which is exactly what one woman did after she was confronted with a really awkward situation.

One young mom and business owner recently asked if she was in the wrong for denying a gender reveal cake to her ex-husband's new girlfriend.

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The original poster (OP) explained that she and her ex have 1-year-old twins together and that the pair split during her pregnancy after she found out he was cheating on her.

The woman claims she "firmly believes" that the girlfriend didn’t know he had a wife when they started dating.

Now, the girlfriend is expecting and reached out to OP and asked her to make a gender reveal cake because she runs a successful bakery in their town.

She told her that it would mean a lot if "the mother of her baby’s siblings made the cake for the party."

Naturally, OP was conflicted and took a few days to get back to the expectant mother.

Ultimately, she decided not to do the cake.

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She explains that because of her complicated pregnancy she had to undergo a partial hysterectomy, and was left to deal with it alone after splitting from her cheating ex-husband.

"I am admittedly incredibly bitter at my ex for cheating on me while I was bedridden and medically fragile being pregnant with his children," she wrote, "and I don’t want to be involved in the celebration of their new child."

"I did specify that it wasn’t her, but I couldn’t do it and she said alright and hung up."

She then explained that she got a call from her ex who told her she was being unreasonable and unprofessional for letting their personal history get in the way of her business.

"I told him I was allowed to refuse service to anyone and hung up on him," she explained.

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"I feel like I have let my feelings get in the way of my business and if I made the cake it’s not like I have to be there to celebrate. On the other hand, I do feel like I’m allowed to refuse business however I see fit."

I totally agree!

Thankfully, most people in the comments section agreed as well.

I think it's well within her rights to deny service to someone who treated her so poorly, and even though she may be putting her personal issues before her business, it's her choice to do so!

I don't think anyone would want to bake that cake if they were her!

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