Adele Cries As Fan Shares Heartfelt Letter With Her In Emotional New Video

There is a reason we're told to never meet our heroes — we don't want to be disappointed. We don't want everything we've built up in our heads about our favorite singer or actor or athlete to be wrong.

However, when people do meet celebrities they love, and it's a positive experience, there's nothing I love more!

Like many of you out there, I've been a fan of Adele for a long time.

My life changed when I heard "Rolling in the Deep" for the first time, and the love affair with this British songstress has yet to end!

Unsurprisingly, many people feel this way about Adele.

There is a vulnerability and kindness in her soul that fans can just feel.

Thankfully for a fan who recently met Adele, she seemingly lived up to the hype as she was seen CRYING and HUGGING the fan who shared a heartfelt letter with her.

TikTok user @momoboyd shared a video of their sister meeting Adele after she had just performed for the legendary artist.

"My sister reading her letter to Adele after she sang for her," the text overlay reads.

"Adele, thank you for learning how to shine through all the dark and cloudy days. All the battles that you overcome in your personal life are victories not only for you and your family, but for the entire world," the sister tells Adele through tears.

"I think I speak for many when I say we're grateful for your life, and when I say your life I really mean you. The human being."

Sorry, just let me wipe these tears away from my eyes, just as Adele did.

The pair then hug and Adele asks if she can keep the heartfelt letter, which I'm sure she was able to.

What an incredibly special moment we're lucky we got to witness!