Brilliant Travel Pillow Hack Saves Money On Overpriced Carry-On Fees

If you're flying on a budget airline in the future, this tip is definitely for you.

TikTok user Anayo, aka @anayotothe, recently hopped on a budget airline for a trip to Vegas. To save money on her carry on fees, she decided to try a travel pillow hack she saw on TikTok... and the results are pretty cool.

Anayo posted a TikTok before her trip.

She was not into the idea of paying $60 for a carry on, and I really can't blame her for that. Instead, she decided to pick up a travel pillow and try out a hack she saw on TikTok.

She bought a travel pillow with a zipper.

"A few weeks ago I saw a hack on TikTok for the budget airlines that don't let you carry on a bag. Instead, you can use a travel pillow as additional storage."

She unzipped a travel pillow and pulled all of the very odd-looking stuffing out of it.

She then showed the bag she was originally going to put in her backpack.

"These are the clothes that wouldn't fit in my backpack. I'm going to Vegas, so ya girl needs options! These are my mesh tops and dresses since they're lightweight. The gworls [sic] know."

So true, bestie.

Almost everything fit in the pillow case!

The only thing that didn't fit was a purple shirt. So, I think it's fair to say that it was pretty successful. She ended the TikTok saying that she hoped it would work and she wouldn't have to pay!

Anayo posted an update after her trip!

"Yes I did make it on a flight without having to pay extra. I don't know if the airport I flew out of is just like a little bit more lenient, but on the way to Vegas and the way back, I didn't have to pay with my travel pillow and my backpack.

She addressed some of the comments, too.

Unsplash | Ross Parmly

"Also, a lot of you were saying in the comments, 'Why don't you just pay for more expensive flight, this is too much work.' One, it took me five minutes to do that. Walgreens was across the street. They had a travel pillow, I grabbed it. Took five minutes."

She was going on a short flight.

Unsplash | Ameer Basheer

"Also, I live in the Bay area, going to Vegas. It was an hour flight. There was no reason I or any of y'all, if you live that close to a place, should pay $300 for a flight when you can just take one of the budget airlines (maybe not Spirit, but Frontier) and try a little hack like this pillow case or travel pillow one."

Honestly, I get it.

Unsplash | Ashim D’Silva

The cheapest flight for me to go one province over up here is around $500. That's an insane price to pay, especially since I'd still have to pay airport maintenance fees, baggage fees, etc. I'm tired of being ripped off by airlines, you know?

What do you think of this hack?

Have you ever flown a budget airline, and would you try this to try and get around their carry-on baggage fees? Or are you going to stick to the more expensive flights? Let me know!