Man Warns Others After His Demanding Job Cost Him His Marriage For Nothing

Just like with any other relationship, there are so many reasons why a marriage can end.

And while those reasons can range in drama from infidelity to risky financial decisions to some other dark secret, we can more commonly see that divorces are often the result of a long-standing problem that at least one partner thinks will never get better.

Sometimes, that problem concerns how people change as they get older and sometimes we can simply see couples fall out of love. That said, it's easy to underestimate how much one's unending dedication to their work can leave their spouse feeling neglected.

And as one lawyer's story illustrates, the regret that follows when a relationship reaches its breaking point for this reason is only compacted when the workaholic was being taken advantage of all along.

After establishing that he met his soon to be ex-wife eight years ago, the lawyer said that some of those years were spent at a high-pressure firm.

And as he explained in a Reddit post, he did everything he could to excel at this firm including working late, working weekends, working holidays, and even letting work intrude when he did take a vacation.

All the while, his bosses promised that this hard work would be worth it in the long run. When this didn't turn out to be the case in 2020, his bosses promised that things would change in 2021.

But as all of this was going on, his wife would only find herself feeling more alone with every weekend and holiday that he spent busy.

And when he told her that it was for their future and that it would all pay off, she made it clear that she didn't care about the money and begged him to quit for years.

But the lawyer took his boss' promise to heart and continued working weekends after they married in 2021. Worse yet, he even worked on the day of their wedding and cut their honeymoon short to meet his job's needs.

In his words, "I was chasing the pot of gold cause I wanted to buy her a house."

However, it wasn't until four months later when his wife reached her breaking point that he would realize how pointless this goal turned out to be.

And that's because she would leave him, saying that he always chose work over her and that she didn't like who he had become as a result.

As he put it, "I begged her to stay but said I just needed till the end of the year to cash out and I would quit."

But this promise was too little, too late because she was already tired of spending her weekends alone and feeling unloved.

And when he tried to throw himself even further into his work to give the end of his marriage at least some meaning, he didn't find solace there either.

That's because by the end of the year, he discovered that all of his bosses' promises were completely empty. They told him that since it was a hard year for the firm, he wouldn't be getting a raise or a bonus.

He had ruined his marriage for nothing.

So while he has a new job and a new relationship now, that only came after he finally quit as his wife had always begged him to.

And he made sure to blame his bosses for stringing him along on his way out. He also deleted six months' worth of work as a final parting shot.

While that last action often has serious legal repercussions, he was apparently able to find a way to avoid them. Don't mess with a lawyer, folks.

So now he's urging others not to let their work destroy their lives and said, "If you're lucky enough to find someone who loves you, focus on that and never let go."

h/t: Reddit | dailybrood32

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