Woman Shows Why She Left Her Ex After He Kept Trying To Control Her Appearance

Whether it feels good to us or not, there's something about the feeling of falling in love that can be all-encompassing.

And the harder it is to stop thinking about someone, the easier it can be to start rationalizing behavior that we might otherwise consider a red flag if we met them on a blind date.

As a result, people can find themselves letting a lot of controlling behavior slide before they realize their relationship isn't as normal as it might have once seemed.

And after one woman saw enough of the light in this department to leave her toxic ex-boyfriend, she obviously found something very cathartic about sharing what life with him was like.

On January 15, TikTok user @xlily.brown8x shared a text conversation between herself and her then-boyfriend in which they discussed her meeting his friends for the first time.

It's worth noting that to protect her privacy, she used Carl Johnson from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas as a placeholder for her own facial reactions.

The couple's conversation began normally enough with her saying she's ready for the night's event. But things took a turn when she said, "I haven't done makeup or anything tonight lol it's just casual right."

And while the boyfriend answered in the affirmative, he still asked her to put some on so she could make the kind of first impression he wants on his friends.

As we can see, he then added that he doesn't want them to think he's with a "clapped" girl, which is a slang term for ugly.

Although he tried to assure her that he doesn't think she's ugly, his insistence that she put makeup on made that attempt pretty unconvincing for her.

That led her to say she didn't want to go anymore because of how he made her feel, to which he replied, "Urgh babe don't bother then, either put something on your face or don't turn up."

And if that didn't demonstrate why she's looking forward to being single again on its own, she posted another exchange on January 19 that showed off the opposite problem.

When she asked him if he thought this would look good for Halloween, he implied that it would if he could go out with her but it now doesn't since he can't.

And when she replied that she and her friends were going out in matching costumes, he told her, "You can't wear that, you know this babe, pick something more covered up or you can stay in."

And while what he wanted was different from their makeup conversation, the boyfriend appeared to want control over her appearance for the same reason.

As we see in the full video, he was worried about how other guys would look at her and added, "I said no, I'm not joking Lily."

And in a final message that all but confirmed to Lily's commenters that she made the right decision by leaving him, he said, "A drop of drink in you and I can't trust you."

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