15 Times People Were Trying To Tell Us Something, We Just Know It

Sometimes, even when everyone involved is speaking the same language, it can feel like there's a real language barrier when it comes to trying to understand people. When it's the written word, there's even more opportunity to get confusing.

Here are 15 times where people were definitely trying to tell us something, but didn't quite clear the finish line.

Less More Me We!

Of course, one of the problems with this bus is when the windows are open, you're only going to get the "ME WE" part of the message. The other problem is pretty evident.

That's my motto.

I think this is supposed to be "Nothing is impossible / everything is possible," but I think in 2022 we should accept the new message of "No, everything is impossible."

So true.

Sometimes when I think about the Twilight movies, I wish I could always forgotten them and remembered them never. But that's just me.

Sleepy AND yum?!

There are so many different fonts and text directions going on in this sign it feels like three different people designed it and they all hated each other.

"I'm a delivery driver. The address is 4822."

There's absolutely no way this house isn't getting the packages and mail meant for 4282, right? Maybe this is their secret plan to receive twice as many coupons and flyers.

They feel very strongly about beef.

Talk about mixed messages. Never ever ever beef? Or beef always? Can someone please just give me a straightforward answer on the status of the beef here, PLEASE?

Loved when they said this in The Notebook.

Do you remember? When Ryan Gosling looked Rachel McAdams in the eye and said, "They if were you're crazy a bird about I'm each a bird other." I swear, I cry every time.

Is Man Vodka just vodka in blue?

I always admire a man who can make his own man vodka. Wait, does that sound wrong, or is it just me?

Are those the only options?

I'm not sure I know how to choose between ride, die, or horse, but I guess I'll choose the horse. He looks pretty friendly.

How much taller is $10 taller exactly?

I have no idea how tall this girl is, but I bet that I'm wanna find out, too.

As someone who's 5'2, this isn't actually a bet that I want to take.

Good question.

I try not to let it keep me up at night, but sometimes I just can't sleep when I ask myself, if you were in a car would you know what accident to do? Well? Would you?

Stop my body, man ate my choice.

I think it's already a risk to use what looks like tape on your back windshield to try to communicate any message. I think actual stickers might work a little bit better.

Formatting isn't always easy.

I can't say I've ever eaten happy cheese, so I can't speak for the truth of this meme, but I do know that formatting on mobile and on desktop has got to be the bane of corporate Twitter accounts.

Nice to meet you...?

Now this one actually took me a long time to figure out what the name was actually saying, and the closest I can get is Vincent Lee or Lee Vincent. What do you think?

No no no no! Evil evil evil fun!

Obviously I know what this shirt was trying to communicate, but I have to say I prefer the other message. Evil evil evil fun! Evil evil evil fun!