'Exhausted' Kid Goes Viral For Relatable Interview After Shoveling Snow All Day

While we haven't quite reached the era where people are only famous for 15 minutes yet, we can definitely say that a little star is born every day for reasons they rarely expect.

Many of them can better be described as "infamous" due to the fact that they rise to prominence through exceedingly bad behavior, but others just happened to strike the right chord in a situation that people around the world could relate to.

Sometimes their reactions stand out enough that they can be memed into just about any situation and sometimes their clips just hit one of life's little absurdities on the head.

And in the wake of the crazy snowfalls that a lot of the country has seen lately, it's been easy for thousands to sympathize with one Canadian's kids adorable struggle after a busy snow day.

So many of us prayed for a snow day growing up, but we probably wouldn't if we had to spend ours like Carter Trozzolo of Toronto, Ontario.

Because while we got to take the toboggan out or bundle up inside and play video games, he ended up spending the day shoveling snow.

And when a reporter from CTV talked to him about his hard work, he made it immensely clear what toll the day had taken on him.

Because when the reporter said, "If you didn’t have a machine to move the snow, you probably found it a bit," Trozzolo finished his sentence by saying "tiring."

And it certainly showed because in the moments that immediately followed, he could only pause and give a weary sigh.

I don't think it's possible not to make that noise while we gingerly sit down with a sore back after an experience like that.

And while it's unclear how this came to be, Trozzolo's exhaustion came from the fact that he not only shoveled around his house, but so many others in his neighborhood.

Or as he put it, "For my neighbors, friends, probably people I even don't know. I am tired."

It's no wonder that the station's editors could only describe him as "exhausted" here.

It's hard not to wonder if he was the only one in the neighborhood with a shovel, but one unfortunate statement makes it clear that the snow day was not worth it for him.

In his words, "Really wish I was in school right now."

Although this would be something I couldn't imagine saying as a kid, I have to admit that I felt the same way when I got the day off work to clean out a house that nobody had lived in for three years.

And it's hard not to relate to Trozzolo after even a brief summary of his day, but that's especially true when you see the full video for yourself.

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