Wedding Planner Lists The Items Couples Don't Actually Need On Their Big Day

It's time to change how we do weddings!

That's why TikTok user and wedding planner @theweddingplanningguide is here to teach us what we can totally ditch for our weddings. Thank goodness!

Now, keep in mind that this is one person's opinion. If you had these things at your wedding: Great! If you want to have them: Also great! These are just suggestions for changing things up a little.

You don't have to do the dances.

Unsplash | Marc A. Sporys

"Don't feel obligated to do the traditional father-daughter, mother-son dances. Families can be tricky, and it's not always as simple as 'just have a father-daughter dance!' So if you don't want to, or you can't, don't feel like you have to."

Matching bridesmaid dresses.

Unsplash | Katelyn MacMillan

HARD PASS on matching dresses. They're so boring!

"Our advice: Pick a color palette, tell y our bridesmaids what that color palette is, and then just let them pick gorgeous dresses. I mean, seriously."

This one surprised me.

"Up first, ring bearer and flower girl. You don't need either, or you could have one and not the other. They also don't have to be kids. We've seen adult ladies be flower girls, and it's the cutest thing ever."

Being walked down the aisle.

Unsplash | nikki gibson

A bride doesn't need anybody to walk her down the aisle. We love an independent woman — walk yourself down the aisle!"

I love this idea. This is especially helpful for queer weddings — take it from me.

Ditch the pricey wedding dress.

Unsplash | Jonathan Borba

"You don't need a super expensive wedding dress. Shop around, there are really beautiful options for under $1000."

I completely agree. You don't need to go broke buying a dress you'll wear once.

Keep the guest list small.

Unsplash | Al Elmes

"Don't feel like you need to invite tons of guests. Some of the best weddings we've been to have had less than 75 people! So don't feel like you have to have this massive wedding!"

Remembrance tables don't have to be big.

Unsplash | Thomas William

"You don't need a remembrance table with 20 picture frames. It might sound a little harsh, but not that many people at your wedding are going to care. Maybe do like 5, for the people that will care!"

Ditch eating the preserved wedding cake.

"You don't need to keep the top of your wedding cake to eat on your one-year anniversary. Seriously, have you ever eaten year old freezer cake?"

Yeah, I think we can let this tradition go...

Don't spend money on wedding favors.

"We just had a wedding this past weekend where the bride and her sister spent so much time making 150 individual potted succulents with a little flag in them with their wedding date and stuff. [...] Well over 100 were still left at the end of the night."

What do you think of these tips? Did you have them at your wedding, or did you decide to skip on these traditions?