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Viral TikTok Cleaning Hack Has Us Wondering How Clean Our Spoons Really Are

One of the most helpful places on TikTok has to be the #CleanTok hashtag.

#CleanTok is full of tips and tricks for getting your home as squeaky clean as it can be. I've learned so much from that hashtag, and I frequently use it as my go-to for cleaning product recommendations.

What I didn't expect to see on #cleantok is one of the weirdest spoon cleaning videos I've ever seen — and yes, I've seen a few.

How do you clean your wooden cooking tools?

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We hand wash ours with dish soap and let them air dry. Every once in a while, we lightly scrub them with gentle cleaning vinegar and oil them.

We definitely do NOT do this hack, which is as wild as it is gross.

So, here's the hack.

You have a wooden spoon. You have a glass. You have boiling water? Now what? You combine all three, that's what. Ensure that your cup is safe to use with high temperatures (a mug might be a better idea).

Then you let it sit.

Hey, if I have to see it, so do you.

This is @miss.clean.with.me's hack (and her spoon). You can see that a ton of oil and food particles came out of the wood.

Um, ew!

Y'all KNOW the comments are going to be nasty.

All the best TikToks have a comment section that will have you crying from laughter. If you're not getting an ab workout, the comment section isn't doing its damn job!


This is the top comment on the TikTok. You know the emoji that looks exasperated, with its mouth open? That's me at these comments.

Having said that, did I thoroughly enjoy this comment? Absolutely.

Y'all nasty!

Absolutely not, ma'am! Not even as a joke!

(Sidebar: @isuckatcleaning is actually one of the best accounts on #CleanTok, and you should totally follow her. I was not lying about spending a ton of time in that hashtag. It's my life now.)

Some people tried it.

This interaction had me rolling. I mean, yeah, properly cleaned wooden spoons definitely won't do this. If anything, this proves that they're cleaning their spoons really well. They should be proud!

Pretty sure you shouldn't do this one.

Since we literally established in this video that wood is porous, I'm going to go ahead and say it's a very bad idea to put it in a dishwasher full of food bits from other dishes.

Well, there it is.

It's pretty brave for someone to admit they don't properly clean their wooden cooking utensils on the internet, but here we are.

What do you think of this hack? Did you know you have to treat your wooden utensils more carefully? Let me know!