Jonah Hill Mocks Bizarre Rumor That He's Feuding With Baby Yoda In Hilarious Post

Over the years, Jonah Hill has definitely proved himself as a man who's just as capable in a dramatic role as he is in a comedic one, even if his funnier fare has come with its own accolades.

But more than that, he's also established himself as a man who's not afraid to take control of his own happiness. And whether that means dyeing his hair an unusual color or trying to put a stop to comments about his body, it seems he's always got a plan on how to do that.

So while that policy for living tends to steer people away from paying so much attention to what people are saying about them, some rumors are just too weird to ignore.

And as we'll soon see, that seems to be the case with a real whopper that's banging around the cultural discourse right now.

To understand what Jonah Hill could possibly have to do with Baby Yoda, we first need to look at his statements in an interview with W Magazine.

As he said, Leonardo DiCaprio essentially had to make him watch The Mandalorian while they were filming Don't Look Up because "I used to have a rule: If it didn't happen or it couldn't happen, then I just wasn't interested, because I would lose focus."

This being the case, he found it hard to get into the series when he did give it a try.

In his words, "Baby Yoda was so cute, but I just didn't give a [expletive] because I didn't know anything that it was about."

But whether it was due to some manipulative headlines, a game of Broken Telephone or both, it seems these statements ended up getting taken out of context.

So in a January 16 Instagram post, he would end up putting a spotlight on one such headline along with a fan's comment that expressed how it made it seem like Hill was in a tense war of words with Baby Yoda.

And as you might expect, Hill found that implication about as absurd as the fan did.

In that post's caption, Hill wrote, "LOL is there anything cornier than literally all media."

As he added, "They’re literally trying to create beef between me and Baby Yoda."

And since that situation was too weird for his comedian instincts to pass up, he decided to play along and "get ahead" of these vicious rumors.

And he started off with a bang by saying, "Baby Yoda and I are dear friends and text at least once a week."

He even invented strain that the pandemic has put on that relationship, but assured everyone that things are good between them.

And of course, he closed off with an obligatory "And that’s all I will say on this matter! Now please respect our privacy at this time."

Well, I'm glad that's cleared up.