Youtube Star Adalia Rose Passes Away At 15 After Life With Rare Genetic Condition

Although the sad truth is that each passing year has a habit of taking away people who touched our lives, it seems that the dawn of 2022 has been particularly cruel in this regard.

To name but a few examples, the past two weeks have seen family, friends, and fans mourn Betty White, Sidney Poitier, and Bob Saget. And while their decade-spanning careers have made them important figures for people of all ages, some special individuals have proved that the same can be true for celebrities who have made a name for themselves online.

And the well-wishers of one such icon have recently had the disheartening shock of learning that a young girl who did her part to brighten up YouTube for years is no longer with us.

On January 13, the family of 15-year-old Adalia Rose announced that the YouTube star had died during the previous day.

According to E! Online, Rose was first diagnosed with a rare condition called Hutchinson-Gilford progeria when she was three months old.

As the National Orgnaization of Rare Diseases outlined, this condition is characterized by profound growth delays, a lack of hair growth, and facial features that resemble premature aging.

It is also eventually fatal for afflicted persons and is characterized by internal developments that vary from person to person, but often have painful and debilitating effects.

But while this condition makes life challenging in many sad ways, Rose stood out as a force of unwavering positivity when she first appeared on YouTube in 2012.

Her videos tended to center around her daily life and the quality time she spent with her family, but she also used the platform as a font for her passions that included makeup and dancing.

And her winning personality attracted a large and loyal fanbase that included 2.92 million subscribers.

Rose's family informed the public of her passing through a post on her Instagram page and it was clear that this time has brought out some complicated feelings for them.

As they wrote, "January 12, 2022 at 7pm Adalia Rose Williams was set free from this world. She came into it quietly and left quietly, but her life was far from it."

Although this announcement showed how sorely missed Rose will be, it also indicated that she had lived a difficult life.

In their words, "She is no longer in pain and is now dancing away to all the music she loves."

And before stating their intention to mourn Rose's loss in private, her family thanked every fan who has loved and supported her in the near-decade that she's been on YouTube.

They also extended a special dedication to the health care workers that had helped her keep as healthy as she could be during her short time in this world.

h/t: E! Online