The House From ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ Just Sold For Almost $3 Million

One of horror's most iconic haunted houses went on the market last year. Featuring fun photos of the haunter himself, one Freddy Kreuger from A Nightmare on Elm Street, the listing boasted a gorgeous home that's now free of any slashers that might have once wandered there.

With its timeless facade and famous history, it's sure to make whoever bought it one happy camper.

The iconic house from Wes Craven’s iconic slasher film just left the market.

Originally listed in October of 2021, with offers due by midnight on Halloween, the house at 1428 N. Genesee Avene in Los Angeles was finally marked as sold just last week.

The listing was first held under the real estate company Douglas Elliman, who decided to feature Freddy Kreuger himself in photos of the house to show off its modern-yet-homey atmosphere while reminding interested buyers of its famed history.

The home was originally listed for $3.5 million.

But by the time it sold, it only went for $2.98 million.

Though under asking, that price is still fittingly frightening given the fact that it rang out at 99% more expensive than other houses in the same neighborhood according to

So, what did almost $3 million get the lucky homebuyers?

Heather T. Roy of Douglas Elliman said, “The façade is iconic, but the ties to the movie stop as soon as you walk through the front door. Inside, it’s a beautiful traditional-style space with a modern twist.”

The house features three bedrooms, four bathrooms, a pool, and a fully equipped guest house. The only change to the exterior is the front door which, once a bright red, has now been painted black.

Thanks to one comedian, the guest house even has a claim to fame.

Fans of Bo Burnham might recognize this as the location in which he filmed his 2021 special Inside.

An easy location for him to secure as his partner of eight years, Hustlers director Lorene Scafaria, was the previous owner of Freddy Kreuger’s old stomping grounds.

The listings sure did change the tone of the property.

From the terror that came with A Nightmare on Elm Street and A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge, to the claustrophobic panic of Inside, the house will hopefully transform into a place of warmth and love for the lucky buyers.

h/t: CNN