Bodybuilder Defends Man's Workout After He Unknowingly Stars In Woman's TikTok

I don't go to the gym because I'm lazy but for others, the prospect of working out in public can be pretty intimidating.

After all, we've seen story after story in which people get humiliated or end up in weird confrontations just because their fellow gym-goers couldn't mind their own business.

But when one woman went viral for contributing to this problem in a TikTok, a bodybuilder saw fit to not only defend what the unwitting star of her video was doing but call her out for making it.

After filming one of her own workouts, a TikTok user named @nikkii_fitness noticed a man doing curls in the background.

And since his technique seemed unusual to her, she pointed him out and said, "What do you think he's doing? What do you think he's working? I don't know either."

As we can see, one of the hashtags she used suggested that whatever he was doing, it couldn't be anywhere near the right way to do it.

However, a bodybuilder who goes by Joey Swoll knew exactly what the guy was doing and was happy to clue her and her followers in.

He quickly explained that the man was doing drag curls to work his biceps.

He added that this motion of moving his elbows back and dragging up along his body was taking stress off his deltoid so that it all went to the biceps.

As for why it looked so strange to Nikki, that was likely because the man was using dumbbells instead of the barbells people usually use for this kind of workout.

Wikimedia Commons | GeorgeStepanek

As Swoll put it, "It may look a little strange, a little awkward, but it is a great movement."

But while Swoll defended the man's technique and educated his followers on what exactly this person was doing, that wasn't the main point he wanted to get across with this response.

In his words, "But what’s most important, what he’s doing and working most of all, is minding his own business."

He added that he always finds it bewildering and disappointing when people film strangers at the gym to try and make fun of them.

And that's why he closed his video by saying, "Be better than that."