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Mom's Hard Boiled Egg Hack Called Out For Not Boiling The Eggs At All

Hardboiled eggs: love 'em or hate 'em, I think we can all agree they're not a hard thing to cook.

Or are they? One TikTok user decided to try and find a way to "hack" hardboiled eggs using an air fryer. Yup, and air fryer. So you can imagine how brutal the comments were.

Let's check it out.

Here's the hack.

"You've been making hard boiled eggs wrong your whole life," TikTok user @dippedtampa said in their video.

Well damn, I didn't know that! I mean, I've never made hardboiled eggs. But I'm sure I would do it wrong if I tried.

Alrighty then!

Apparently, you're supposed to skip the hot water entirely and stick the eggs straight in an air fryer. Fry for 15 minutes, then pop them in an ice bath for one minute.

Apparently, it really works.

I mean, that is an egg, and it sure did come out of the shell. I would definitely call that hard boiled, right? It definitely isn't a straight-up yolk, so that's promising.

As you can imagine, TikTok had some OPINIONS on this one.

So many of them involved commenting on the fact that it's not exactly a hard boiled egg if you don't boil it, is it? I was rolling at the "hard air eggs" comment. He's not exactly wrong about that one.

Lots of people found it to be a huge waste of time.

This is so fair. The 7-10 minutes it takes to boil is absolutely faster than 15 in the air fryer. A lot of people in the comments thought that extra five minutes rendered the hack totally useless.

This was my question as well!

Something in my brain assumed that they would explode in an air fryer. A fellow commenter said that they wouldn't, but I'm still skeptical. They sometimes explode while boiling, why wouldn't they explode while frying?

Overall, the hack just made people angry.

I cannot get over the use of "boil" as an insult. I haven't seen a banger roast like that in a quick minute.

Others rightly pointed out they weren't making boiled eggs wrong... sorry, air fried eggs.

One person was a fan, however.

I mean, this is totally fair. People who can't use their stoves or ovens would absolutely rely on an air fryer for most things, so I get it. Every odd hack is useful to someone, you know?

What do you think?

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Would you try this hack at home, or are you more of a traditional hardboiled egg person?

I personally think hardboiled eggs are just awful, so I'm going to steer clear of this one altogether. Ick.