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Actors Who Looked Nothing Like The Famous People They Played (And Actors Who Did)

Everyone loves a good biopic. They allow fans and the public at large to see the untold story behind the rise and fall of their favorite celebrities and public figures.

The success of these films lies largely in the casting. more than anything, actors have to look the part. To see what I mean, take a look at these actors who looked nothing like the famous people they played (and a few who really did!).

Leonardo DiCaprio in 'The Wolf Of Wall Street' wasn't the best choice (lookswise) to play Jordan Belfort.

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While it's true that his performance, as well as his accent, were both on point, it didn't make up for the fact that Leo and the real Jordan Belfort look like polar opposites.

Andre 3000 in 'Jimi: All Is By My Side' was a Jimi Hendrix clone.

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Are you experienced? Because Andre 3000 certainly was when he sent voodoo shivers down our spines portraying the king of the electric guitar — Mr. Jimi Hendrix.

Mark Wahlberg gave a great performance in 'The Fighter,' even though he looked nothing like Micky Ward.

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By all accounts, The Fighter is an incredible film and one that is well worth the watch. Almost everyone involved, save for Mark Wahlberg, was nominated for an Oscar.

Lily James in 'Pam & Tommy' looks exactly like Pamela Anderson.

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It boggles my mind to think that Disney is distributing a show about Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson's stolen sex tape. I don't know how this series will shake out but I for one am excited to see it.

Eddie Murphy in 'Dolemite Is My Name' looked nothing like the real Rudy Ray Moore.

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I grew up idolizing Eddie Murphy, so I don't say this lightly. I still think that his overall performance, as well as the film, are top-notch — but it's hard to get past the stark physical differences between these two men.

Gary Oldman in 'Darkest Hour' was conjuring the spirit of Winston Churchill.

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What's even more incredible is that Gary Oldman gained almost no weight whatsoever to play the iconic Allied leader. Everything that we see on camera is nothing more than a fat suit and excellent facial prosthetics.

Sean Penn in 'Milk' didn't bare even a passing resemblance to Harvey Milk.

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If I were seeking to recruit someone to portray Harvey Milk, and I was going on looks alone — Sean Penn would probably be one of the last on my list.

Denzel Washington in 'Malcom X' was the perfect choice to portray the legendary Malcom X.

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The only thing more impressive than Denzel's Oscar wins are the films in which he was nominated, yet failed to take home the gold. Malcolm X may just be the most underrated performance of his career.

Ryan Gosling in 'First Man' looked little to nothing like the real Neil Armstrong.

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I personally believe that Ryan Gosling can do absolutely anything. First Man was a bit of a snooze, overall, but he still manages to deliver a fine performance.

Halle Berry in 'Introducing Dorothy Dandridge' definitely looked the part.

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I know in my heart of hearts that if Halle Berry and Dorothy Dandridge were to enter a "Dorothy Dandridge Look-A-Like Contest," Halle would be the one to come out on top.

Joaquin Phoenix in 'Walk The Line' didn't look much like Johnny Cash at all.

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Even though Joaquin and Johnny don't resemble one another (at all), the Oscar-winning actor still managed to do "The Man in Black" proud by delivering one of the pinnacle performances of his career.

Val Kilmer in 'The Doors' looked exactly like Jim Morrison.

Tri-Star Pictures / Getty Images | Chris Walter

You might as well call Val Kilmer "Mr. Mojo Rising," because that's how much he and the real Jim Morrison look like one another. If only Jim were alive to see the film, I know he'd say the same thing.

Aaron Taylor Johnson in 'Nowhere Boy' didn't look anything like John Lennon.

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I really don't want to be mean, but I think that whoever had the bright idea to cast Aaron Taylor Johnson in the role of John Lennon should be fired.

Cate Blanchett in 'I'm Not There' looks like Bob Dylan's doppelganger.

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Don't think twice — it's alright to admit that Cate Blanchett looks more like Bob Dylan than any other actor who portrays him in the film I'm not There.

Tom Hanks in 'A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood' looked nothing like Fred Rogers.

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In fairness, the goal was never to make Tom Hanks resemble Mr. Rogers. Rather, they sought out to tell the story about a man whose legacy touched the hearts and minds of millions of children all over the world. In that, they succeeded.