Child Actor From 'Titanic' Says He Still Receives Royalty Payments 25 Years Later

Landing a job as a child actor can snowball into a full-blown career in show business, and it can be a great opportunity to generate lifelong passive income for those lucky enough to get cast in major productions right out of the gate.

Reece Thompson, now 30, played the role of "the little Irish boy" in the beloved film, Titanic, and while his role might've been small, he has been receiving substantial royalties for it ever since.

Being cast in a film as successful as "Titanic" is the gift that keeps on giving.

Little did the actors of the film know at the time of its release, they had just signed themselves up for a lifetime of quarterly royalties.

For then-child actor Reese Thompson, now 30, it was an incredibly fortunate head-start.

Reece, who played the role of the "little Irish boy" recently revealed that after 25 years, he's still collecting royalties.

At five-years-old, he played a third-class passenger who sadly died alongside his mother when the ship hit the iceberg.

Two and a half decades later, Reese has an entirely unrelated career.

Despite showing signs of a promising acting career, he now works as a digital marketing director at Brian Head Resort, a skiing resort in Utah.

Hollywood isn't for everyone!

Speaking to Business Insider, the 30-year-old explained that it was his mom's idea to have him audition for the film, and encouraged him to do it just for fun.

She gave him the choice of starring in a petrol ad or taking a much briefer role in Titanic, and it's safe to say he chose wisely.

"My mom was like, 'Let's just do it. It'll be cool. Even if the movie sucks, we'll see it,'" he explained.

"Obviously, it ended up exploding, so that wasn't a bad decision on her part, that's for sure," he added.

Ultimately, Reese decided to take the smaller role in the soon-to-be blockbuster, and it's paying off.

He explained that the money has been coming in so passively, he hardly notices it anymore.

'It's weird because it's not present in my mind anymore," he said.

"It's not like, "Oh, when am I going to get a new 'Titanic' check?'" he said. "When it happens, it's like, 'Oh, cool, an extra $100.'"

Reece added that the amount often fluctuates based on how well the film continues to do.

'There have been a couple of times where it's been like: "Oh, wow, that's a $250 check," Reece shared.

He admitted that he's surprised to still be receiving checks after all these years, but of course, appreciates the extra cash.

"But hopefully, they keep playing it a lot because that means more money for me," he said

Reece revealed that in the immediate years after Titanic was released, his checks were in the "low thousands" with spikes after it became available on VHS and DVD.

He was originally paid $30,000 for his role in the movie — an amount that pales in comparison to what his castmates, Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio made.

Kate made $2-million, while Leo made $2.5-million.

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