People Rally Behind Driver Who Got 'Petty' Revenge After Uninsured Driver Hit Them

Most of the time, when we hear a story of someone's carefully crafted revenge, it tends to follow a long period of boiling resentment.

Whether these people are mad at their bosses, landlords, or exes, it's often immediately clear that there's a bitter history between them.

However, we can sometimes find that the vengeance seekers in our lives know almost nothing about the person who wronged them. And that's when their plans tend to get creative enough to border on "weird."

However, the response to one viral photo seems to illustrate that people will get behind even a weird idea if they can relate hard enough to its creator's problem.

On January 9, Reddit user en2ropy posted a photo of a car sticker that they described as "the height of pettiness."

And while we can see that their post was courteous enough to blur out the guilty party's last name, it seemed that one driver in the U.K. wanted the world to know that an uninsured driver named Sarah scratched and dented their car.

And since it's illegal to drive without insurance there, that likely made the fact that this person would have to pay for all the damages themselves an even more bitter pill to swallow.

Unfortunately, it's nonetheless a common enough experience that the vast majority of commenters could empathize with the driver.

And they made it clear that "petty" seemed like the wrong word to describe what they were looking at.

As one user said, "It's not petty. Uninsured drivers are the absolute worst."

In the words of another, "Two panel damage, repaint and sanding work. Over $1k, maybe $2k? That's petty to you?"

Indeed, it seemed that most people were so firmly on the driver's side here that they started to suspect the person who originally posted the photo was Sarah herself.

But as the photographer would later reveal, they were just a passer-by who found the sticker amusing.

As they told The Sun, "I'd say my friends and I thought it was hilarious, especially as the sticker was far more obvious than the scratch."

And among the commenters who didn't share the righteous anger of their peers, it was pretty widely understood that the sticker likely wouldn't accomplish much.

After all, if Sarah cared enough to pay out for the damage she caused, she probably wouldn't have been driving without insurance in the first place.

Nonetheless, the anonymous photographer could understand how it feels to want to call someone out or get revenge after you've been wronged.

As they put it, "Kudos to whoever actually went through the effort of doing it though. I'm sure it has given a fair few people a laugh."

It seems to have just as many people airing their grievances about the uninsured drivers who carelessly lurched their way into their lives, but I suppose that can be a satisfying feeling too.

h/t: Reddit | en2ropy, The Sun

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