Woman Laughs In Husband's Face For Trying To End Prenup That Was His Idea

Although the way that a couple fights about money can be deeply affected by what each partner was used to while growing up, it's an inevitable battle in just about any relationship.

Whether their money is shared or they have separate financial portfolios, there are going to be times in their lives when either their circumstances or questions of their respective statuses bring them face to face with the almighty dollar.

But as one woman's story illustrates, such fights can get even more frustrating when one partner thinks they're addressing issues that have already been resolved. And in her case, one big argument is now calling the entire relationship into question.

Six years ago, the couple we'll soon hear about got married with the understanding that each person's finances would be kept separate through a prenuptial agreement.

As the woman involved explained in a Reddit post, this was because she was in a rough financial situation while she was in graduate school and he was making good money, so she understood that he wanted to protect his stability.

As a result, they shared only an expense account to take care of their household's needs and they didn't make a habit of telling each other how much they make.

And while this arrangement seemed to serve them well, the husband has since noticed how much his wife's situation has changed in the four years since she's been out of school.

That was because she had bought an Audi last week and he was surprised when she said she didn't have to make any monthly payments on it.

As she put it, "He was taken back and asked with what money and I answered that I made more than enough money to be able to afford it."

But while he quickly went quiet in the moment, it was only a few hours later that he suggested voiding the prenup now that he was tipped off to the fact that she makes three times as much as him.

This prompted the woman to laugh in his face and wonder why she would agree to that, at which point he said that they should share their financials since they're married.

But in her words, "I told him that we’ve been married for 6 years and yet we’ve never shared financials and I was fine with what we were doing, and his sudden change of heart was very suspicious."

He then called her some unspecified names and stormed out. Apparently, he then contacted his family since the woman started receiving calls from them that were similarly aggressive. They also claimed the husband had supported her while she was in school.

Of course, the nature of their prenup tells us that this isn't true, but the woman was nonetheless left wondering whether she was in the wrong for laughing off his attempt to cancel the agreement.

But when she reached out to Reddit, what the husband was trying to pull was as obvious to the community as it was to her.

As one user said, "He was happy to treat you like a gold digger until he wanted to become one himself."

That said, most commenters couldn't help but notice that this marriage sounded loveless and more like they were roommates, and the woman couldn't help but agree.

And since her update since her initial post revealed that her husband doesn't want to do any kind of marriage counselling and suddenly wants to become a professional gambler, it seems as though divorce is on the horizon.

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