Couple Show Us The Power Of Teamwork After Losing 200 Pounds Together

When a struggling friend cuts a harmful influence out of their life, they can surprise us with how quickly we can see the difference in them.

And while that might sound obvious if they're dropping a physically unhealthy habit, we can often see a major change in how they carry themselves whether they dropped unhealthy foods, alcohol, or even a toxic relationship.

But while it's true that some people can make a positive change on their own, most of us will find that the journey can seem impossible when we don't have someone seeing it through with us.

And while one couple has obviously picked up some solid strategies over the course of their impressive transformation, it's clear that their secret weapon is each other.

By the time the pandemic hit, Camille and Marlon Jones of Atlanta had reached a crossroads in their lives.

Camille wasn't satisfied with the fact that she weighed 205 pounds and Marlon saw some clear drawbacks to weighing over 470 pounds, but it was easy to fall into some seductive habits.

As Camille told Good Morning America, "We were in denial for a very long time about how far we let ourselves go."

But when Marlon learned that he was pre-diabetic and experiencing sleep apnea after a medical exam, both of them knew this wasn't something they could ignore anymore.

And in Marlon's words, "We’ve realized that working together as a team is going to be our biggest thing."

So by May of 2020, Camille got to work figuring out how their diet would change while Marlon started planning workouts they would do together.

And while Camille got creative by putting healthier spins on their favorite meals — one example included making nachos with low-carb tortillas, ground turkey, and chicken chorizo — Marlon would introduce a great deal of variety in their workouts to keep them fresh and interesting.

And while their journey started humbly with them running 2.3 miles around a business parking lot, their chronicles on Instagram show that their plans have since become more sophisticated.

And as a result, the most recent update to their page shows that Camille has lost 40 pounds while Marlon has dropped 160 pounds, giving them a combined total of 200.

As Camille said, "Try it before you say you can’t do it. And most of the time, you’ll find out you can."

h/t: Good Morning America

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