20 Times Funny People Made Small Changes With Hilarious Results

Sometimes, all it takes to totally change how you're looking at an object or a situation is just a person with a really good sense of humor making just the right addition (or subtraction) to the situation. These light-hearted vandals created some absolutely hilarious moments we never would've thought of without their creative genius and quick wit.

This is how it feels sometimes.

It's been a long time (thankfully) since I've had to go on a job search, but they might as well have hung this sign from every place I tried to apply.

Look closely...

I kind of love seeing people respond to graffiti with more graffiti. This is like a message board but without all the annoying pop-ups.

Anyone else hungry all of a sudden?

Like babies need more energy.

While I certainly don't endorse giving your children cans of Monster energy drinks bigger than their heads, I have to admit, this kid looks pretty stoked about the idea.

Always be on the lookout.

Cougar safety is very important. Of course, I know a few people who wouldn't exactly be deterred by this sign, but that's beside the point.

Should've seen that one coming.

I kinda think that grammar and spelling corrections shouldn't even count as vandalism. That's doing a public service. These people should be thankful!

If all I could do was dry clothes, I'd feel like this too.

I feel kinda sorry for this little guy. Maybe a treat could cheer him up! Try buying some really fancy drier sheets. Or one of those big drier balls!


This little fiend swapped out the 38 to make an upside down 83, which makes absolutely no difference to anyone but probably makes them smile whenever they see it. It would make me smile too.

That's not flying, that's falling... with style!

You can never be too careful when it comes to watching out for people waiting to jump out at you doing jazz hands. It's an epidemic in this country.

Why don't you say what you really mean?

Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of chalk to share a big message. I'll be brave enough to admit I've used a parking space like this once or twice in my life, but luckily, nobody ever called me out on it in chalk.

If you say so!

I mean, the sign was pretty clear about what it wanted me to do, Officer! I picked loitering, which one did you decide to do?

How embarrassing.

To be totally honest, I don't think this is too outside the realm of possibility for some guys I've seen rocking a dangerously low waistband on their sweats.

You shall not pass! You shall... proceed with caution.

Sometimes, the commute around the city to work can be a real slog, but when someone's going around creating wizards for you to look at, it gives it just that much magic back.

This person is doing a public service.

There is no greater annoyance than trying to fill up your car and having to deal with the world's loudest machines next to you. This helpful graffiti artist is simply letting us know right away how to mute these bad boys. We salute you.

Well, that's one way to look at it!

Sometimes when you're looking for a job, all those 'find your future career!' ads can really get under your skin. Whoever edited this sign clearly decided it was time for some payback.


Before the hands got added to this image, would you believe this was just a cute little drawing of some mittens touching?

Turns out that even McDonald's can make an advertising mistake sometimes.

Fungi? More like fungirls!

Okay, okay, even I know that was a bad joke, but this beautiful street art turning mushrooms into ballet dancers is super impressive — I almost wish that was a stop sign so more people would have the time to see them!

I would never have even noticed what this said.

Some sneaky prankster has stuck that little caution sign right on the handle in a way that looks perfectly natural — the instructions on it, however, are hopefully ones that nobody actually needed.

'Tis the season for the leasin'!

I hope whoever added this to the sign is happy with the knowledge that they got this song immediately stuck in the head of every person who saw it. Including me.

And what do you think YOU'RE doing?

I never thought in all my days on the internet that I'd ever come across a picture-perfect doppelganger of my dad, but here we are.

Truth in advertising!

Given that this is in London, England, I wouldn't be surprised if this company's definition of "affordable" didn't quite match the one of the people who actually might live there.

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