Women Share Their Results After Letting Stylists 'Freestyle' Their Makeovers

Brittany Rae

If you're itching for a new look, have no fear — Oxana Trunova is here.

She's a Russian-based makeup artist who specializes in makeovers that don't really involve you at all. Why? Because she's the one in control! Clients of Oxana's turn all creative freedom over to Oxana, trusting her to give them the look she thinks is best for them.

Let's see some of the makeovers!

Marina here was funny as hell.

When Marina arrived at Oxana's studio, she informed her that she was a grandmother — and that Oxana was to "transform her grandmother" into someone young and lively! I think Oxana definitely understood that assignment.

This teacher wanted a big change!

Oxana described Natalia here as "modest and sweet." She's a teacher in Moscow, and she wanted a look that would look new and bright. Oxana decided to give her a new haircut and some amazing liner!

Anna here was a big fan of Oxana's.

In fact, she was a longtime follower of Oxana's before she ever stepped foot in her salon! Anna finally decided it was time to give Oxana a visit, and, boy, was it worth it. Her new curls are so beautiful!

This makeover was a gift!

Oxana revealed that this makeover she did on Tatiana was a gift from her mother! That is such a cute gift. I love how they emphasized Tatiana's gorgeous, striking eyebrows. The new cut is nice and fresh, and her makeup look glows beautifully!

This makeover took her back in time.

How crazy is this? Oxana and her team decided to take Olga here from drab to fab. She gave her hair color new life, and that makeup seriously brings light back into her face!

This is my favorite makeover!

This is Inga! She's on her second Oxana makeover, telling the stylist that she was addicted to her blind transformations! I love the side shave and the curls — this is such a chic, cool look.

Pink hair, don't care.

Llyudmila here wanted a look to match her personality! Oxana described her as "cheerful, energetic, and very positive." I can totally see that in her makeover! Her new hair is much more in line with her personality.

This mom got a whole new look.

This is Hope! She's a mother of two who wanted a new look from Oxana. The team dyed her hair to a reddish brown, then went in and lined her eyes beautifully. I like that they didn't shy away from using darker liner on her!

Alyona wanted a whole new look.

She told Oxana that she wanted a feminine and soft look, and that's exactly what she got! I definitely see that the most in her makeup — the blush is a gorgeous shade, and has definite romantic vibes.

Second time's the charm!

Svetlana here loved her first transformation so much that she decided to come in for a second round! The darker color is so nice on her, and I love the shorter hair.

Elena was a total charmer.

Oxana said that Elena was not only charming, but so positive! She wanted a charismatic, feminine look. I think she got that and more! The curls being parted at the side gives her a bit of an eddy look.

This makeover was long past due.

Tatiana here was ready for a change. She'd been rocking her same look for quite some time, and it was time to shake it up! Oxana opted to give her a short bob and add some pinky-red to her blonde hair.

More pink hair!

I absolutely love this look. Llyudmila here wanted a young, "hooligan" type makeover. Oxana decided to cut her hair short and add some pink to the top! I absolutely love it.

Olga here is one tough lady.

She's actually a world Judo champion, as well as a European champion in hand-to-hand combat! You'd never know it with her makeover look, huh? I love how much she's feeling herself in her after image. You go, girl.

This new look is so fresh.

Natalia here hadn't been to see Oxana in quite a while. Oxana decided to lighten her hair and add some life back into her curls! She also opted for some light, natural makeup with a pretty pink lip. I love it!

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