Mom Shares Magical Moment Her Toddler Recognized Himself In Disney's 'Encanto'

In November 2021, Disney released Encanto, a heartwarming movie about a family that lives in the magical mountains of Colombia. Naturally, parents and kids alike have been raving about the film and praising Disney for its inclusive representation.

Recently, a mom shared an adorable photo of her two-year-old son identifying with the character Antonio — one of the members of the Madrigal family in the film. The captured moment speaks volumes.

At the end of 2021, Disney released their latest movie, "Encanto".

A tale of a Colombian family living in a magical, remote, mountain community called Encanto. All but one child in the family, Mirabel, is blessed with an ability. But she winds up being their last hope when she discovers their home is in danger.

Like most Disney movies, "Encanto" has been a hit, and not just for its gripping story, but for its representation of people of color.

While this isn't the first Disney movie to make strides toward increased inclusivity, fans are noticing the impact it's beginning to have on younger generations.

While watching "Encanto" with her two-year-old son, Kenzo, Kah Brand noticed his immediate reaction to a character that closely resembled him.

Kah explained that she was "amazed" by Kenzo's adorable reaction after the character, Antonio, was introduced on screen.

"He seemed to be in awe, just smiling and staring at the screen," she said in an interview with POPSUGAR.

"Then he stood up and looked back at his dad and me, still smiling," she continued, adding that she believed his reaction was because he saw a likeness between him and Antonio.

"For him, I truly believe that he thought he was seeing himself because of the resemblance between him and Antonio," Kah explained.

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She said that Kenzo's reaction made her very happy.

"As a mom, I'm always trying to capture 'these' moments," she said. "I was amazed at his reaction. It just truly made me smile and my heart happy."

She clarified that children's movies that represent BIPOC are about more than just sharing a resemblance, they're about making children feel seen.

"It was the impact of feeling seen," Kah said, adding that it's important for Black children to identify with empowering characters.

"It is essential for Black children to feel seen and to be connected to positive and empowering images for their self-esteem," she explained.

Unfortunately, inclusivity in children's films was something previous generations had to live without and adapt to.

"But these characters weren't around," she said of her generation. "We didn't have this growing up."

Kah explained that "Encanto" was especially inclusive because it shed light on more than just skin color.

"What's so special about Encanto was that it didn't stop at just showing us brown characters. It showed the diversity in hair textures and skin tone," she pointed out.

"I'm so grateful for moments like this because I'm aware of its impact, especially for brown boys and girls," Kah continued, adding that the power in representation is profound.

"It brings joy to our family. There's power in representation and magic in creativity."

"This generation and future generations will experience inclusivity because the film industry is moving in a direction that reflects the true diversity of our world," she concluded.

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