20 People Whose Bad Days Make Ours Look Like A Vacation

We've all had bad days before. One little thing goes wrong and our entire mood and plans for the entire day are thrown right into the garbage. Maybe you're having one of those bad days right now!

But no matter how bad of a day you're having, you're probably not having even half as bad a day as these people. Take solace in knowing that at least you're having a better day than someone out there.

So... who's grabbing a broom?

This is a pallet of glass. Well, it was, before someone on their very first day on the job accidentally dropped it.

Yikes. Hope you kept a couple spare copies of your resume!

Suddenly, I'm not thirsty anymore.

Sometimes, all you can think about is how badly you need a cup of hot chocolate. Mmm, warm, liquid comfort. Unless, of course, there's ants in the hot chocolate machine. Not so comforting after all.

I don't think the laundry machine takes those.

This Reddit user got a roll of loonies (which are $1 coins in Canada, if you're confused) from their bank to do laundry, but after opening it, they learned they're only getting two loads out of this roll.

Is this your stop?

If the train doors opened at my stop to reveal this sight, it'd be pretty tempting to just stay on the train all night instead.

I've always kind of wanted one of these.

This Reddit user says that got home from a very rushed trip to Home Deopt and discovered the barcode scanner had ended up in their bag.

I don't see a barcode on it, so that must mean it's free!

Not the happiest Christmas ever.

Reddit user zoso190 explained he had just cut all the wires keeping his daughter's newest Christmas toy in the box, but realized the grey wire was actually to connect the toy to its remote control.

Oops. Maybe next Christmas, then.

This could make a pretty good prank.

Nothing worse than putting the time in to make a tasty snack only to realize you've mixed up one of the most important ingredients with a much, MUCH spicier ingredient.

I'd still try these, though.

I'm not carving any initials into this tree.

This Reddit user discovered that a little gap in the tree in their yard was actually hiding a huge chunk of rotten wood, and the tree is way less structurally sound than it looked. I wouldn't be standing too close to that thing.

All by myself... don't wanna be all by myself...

This picture of a toy penguin left by accident in an airport tells a thousand words, but probably not as many words as whatever kid left it has for their parents about it.

Behold, my new invention! Spaghetti socks!

If I dropped an entire dish of pasta into one of my shoes, I have to say it'd be pretty tempting to just throw the entire shoe away. I don't want to be reminded of that failure ever again.

The hot new shower position: kneeling!

Or maybe this is a shower where you just focus on your legs.

Either way, I hope this person likes baths, because that's all they'll be taking for a while.

Just a light snack.

It'd be pretty disappointing to realize your bread is almost entirely hollow, but you could probably make a pretty cool sandwich in there, so maybe it's got a silver lining!

I'll admit, I'm judeging.

While the My Chemical Romance art on this tattoo looks incredible, the spelling could use a little work. Hopefully it's not too hard to do just a little cover up!

Spilling something once in a day sucks. Twice?!

The blue is detergent, which is easy enough to clean up, but the pink is paint on carpet.

Yeah. That's a bad day, even if you really love pink.

This is a crime against readers everywhere.

This Reddit user explained their sister decided to reorganize their bookshelf and put all the books with their spine facing in.

I can't look. It hurts my eyes!

Always check which side is the top of your googly eyes box.

It's embarrassing enough to mix up all your googly eyes by opening the box upside down, but it's even worse if they're all staring at you with judgement.

Happy... new... year.

Reddit user rhannska revealed that ten minutes after midnight on New Years, a bullet came through their floor and hit their ceiling. This would only be acceptable if Yosemite Sam was your downstairs neighbor, and even that is questionable.

Great if you're on a diet.

If I opened my ravioli and only got four in the entire package, I think I'd take that as a sign that I should just order out for dinner that night. Then again, I take most things as a sign that I should order out for dinner.

Where do you even start?

This might look like an optical illusion, but it's actually someone's bathroom mirror and storage piece falling from the wall.

You can still use it! Just tilt your head!

What a strange ice sculpture— wait....

Has your house ever gotten cold enough to do this? If not, throw on a robe and some slippers and maybe consider not complaining about being chilly for a little while.

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