Bindi Irwin Debuts Touching New Tattoo That Honors Both Her Daughter And Dad

From the day she was born, it was clear that Grace Warrior Irwin Powell's parents had high hopes of her becoming the next scion for the Irwin family legacy.

As we've previously discussed, that's why her mother Bindi named her the way she did and it's why she and her husband Chandler Powell make a habit of introducing the baby to the exotic and adorable animals living at the family's world-renowned Australia Zoo.

But while the Irwin family has long been known to wear their love for each other and their commitment to the legendary Steve Irwin's legacy on their sleeves, it seems that's now almost literally true in Bindi's case.

It's long been known that Irwin named her daughter Grace Warrior as a tribute to her family's mission to be warriors for wildlife conservation.

But her recent Instagram post revealed that this was her intention from the very beginning.

As she wrote, "The words I spoke to our daughter as I held her for the first time in my arms were, 'My graceful warrior.' That’s how her name was born."

But those meaningful words were just part of the inspiration for the tattoo she first showed to the world through that post.

And as Irwin went on to explain, even the style of the lettering was carefully chosen to honor the people dearest to her heart.

In her words, "This is my dad’s handwriting to keep him with me, always. Our dear alligator, Daisy, is next to these words to represent our conservation work as Wildlife Warriors. And my beautiful wedding ring in bloom."

This last line referred to a second tattoo of a flowery ring she had inked around her finger.

And as little Grace reaches her ninth month on this planet, Irwin figured there was no better time to get this tattoo.

As she put it, "Since Grace’s breastfeeding journey ended, now felt like the perfect time for this empowering artwork."

She also considers her new ink a daily validation of the three things that mean the most to her: Family, purpose, and unconditional love.

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