Animal Lover Betty White Helped Rescue Penguins And Sea Otters During Hurricane Katrina

Fans were devastated at the loss of Hollywood legend Betty White on New Year's Eve. Just shy of her 100th birthday, the actress passed away of natural causes, as reported by People.

Betty was known for being a kind, caring and hilarious celebrity who felt like family to everyone. However, she was probably best known for her love and devotion to our fury friends.

Following the news of Betty White's death, a New Orleans non-profit shared a touching tale about how the "Golden Girls" star helped save countless animals following the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina.

On January 31st, the Audubon Nature Institute tweeted about Betty's passing while calling her "a conservationist, animal advocate, and friend."

The non-profit, which operates New Orleans' zoo and aquarium, went on to share how the actress helped Louisiana's most vulnerable animals during a time of crisis.

"When the penguins & sea otters were evacuated to @MontereyAq for Hurricane Katrina, Betty White paid for the plane to relocate them. She did not ask for fanfare; she just wanted to help," they tweeted.

They concluded the tweet with the hashtag #ThankYouForBeingAFriend.

Speaking with People the Audubon Nature Institution said: "After Hurricane Katrina, a private plane was chartered to relocate Audubon Aquarium's sea otters and penguins to Monterey Bay Aquarium. Audubon did not find out until after the trip that Betty White had paid for a portion of the trip."

"Betty was a huge animal advocate and conservationist," they continued.

"She did not want any fanfare surrounding her part in the relocation; she just wanted to help how she could. We are deeply saddened by the loss of a true friend."

We will miss you every day, Betty!