Hilary Duff And Her Husband Face Backlash Over Video Of 3-Year-Old Daughter Without A Car Seat

Hilary Duff is catching fire for her actions recently. As we know, the mommy shamers on social media can be next level, and now Hilary is dealing with them again after her friend posted a video of Hilary's 3-year-old daughter Banks in the back of her car without a car seat.

In the video, fans have speculated that Hilary is in the passenger seat, and her husband Matthew is driving, however, this information can't be confirmed.

Hilary Duff has been in the public eye for most of her life, she knows how social media works.

The 34-year-old made it clear she knew how critical the internet can be of her parenting in November of last year.

Sharing a photo of her then 7-month-old daughter Mae with her ears freshly pierced, the mom of three gave mommy shammers a fair warning.

"Yes! I pierced her ears today," she wrote. "Can't wait for the internet to call me a child abuser.... again. less go," she added, referencing the scandal she got caught in two years ago with her other daughter, Banks.

In 2019, Hilary addressed people's concerned after she showed off her then 8-month-old daughter Banks' ear piercngs.

“I’m so used to dodging the comments or the judgment, that I don’t realize. Like, you just get a tough skin and you don’t realize how much it actually affects you," she told Yahoo! Life at the time.

"I don’t comment on other people’s posts like that, so I don’t understand, but I guess it’s just a need for attention or whatever. It’s hard not to take it personal," she added.

"At first I want to be defensive, but when I zoom out, I’m like, ‘It’s one person. That’s not how everybody feels."

"That doesn’t really matter. That person’s, like, a keyboard gangster who just needs to be heard or seen," she concluded.

Now, Hilary is facing another barrage of critics after a controversial video of her daughter has been circulating on social media.

On January 3rd, Hilary close friend and "Younger" co-star Molly Bernard posted a series of videos with Hilary's 3-year-old daughter, Banks.

Molly, who is also Banks' godmother, was making goofy faces and laughing with the three-year-old while Hilary and her husband Matthew were in the front seat.

Admittedly, it's hard to tell wether or not Banks is in a booster seat. However, it's clear to see her seatbelt is positioned behind her back.

According to California law, all children under the age of eight are to be secured safely in a car or booster seat.

Fans were quick to point out the dangers of leaving a underaged child in the back with no carseat.

"Worked a fatality accident involving a 4 year old, no car seat, no booster. Only lap belt. Broke her neck and lap belt severed organs in belly. There is a reason for these recommendations," wrote one follower.

"You do realize that Britney Spears had her kids taken away from her for not having her kids be in a booster seat. Be better," wrote another.

"I love this child and want to share it on social…but I’m clueless as to how to keep said child alive in a moving car…maybe I should actually take state laws seriously…hmmm…I wonder why they exist…Just lost a TON of respect for all adults involved here," wrote a different follower.

Neither Molly nor Hilary have commented on the controversy, but Hilary's husband Matthew Koma has decided to start clapping back at fans.

In response to one user criticizing Hilary for "keeping the post up," Matthew sarcastically replied, "You are truly a hero for speaking up," as reported by Scary Mommy.

He didn't stop there — to a user who pointed out California safety laws, he responded, "You’re the kind of person who cuts up a kid’s Apple sauce, hey?"


It seems the pair are just hoping the controversy will blow over, but it's important to remember the proper ways to care for children!