Viral Video Proves Thrifted Furniture Needs To Be Deep-Cleaned Before Using It

It's about to get a little gross in here.

Thrifting is the thing to do if you're into saving money, and the planet. However, thrifting definitely has its downsides. One that you may not have thought much about? Dirt.

It's a no-brainer to wash thrifted clothing, but what about that cute couch you just scored? One TikTok user explained that deep cleaning isn't just a good idea — it's necessary.

This is Cecilia. And this is Cecilia's couch.

She moved to Vancouver, British Columbia from Edmonton, Alberta (that's in Canada, FYI) in the fall of 2021. Vancouver is an expensive city, so she decided to thrift a couch instead of shelling out over $2000 for a new one.

That was the start of her troubles.

That couch was DIRTY.

After round three of using her Bissell Little Green on it, Cecilia concluded she would have to go another two to get the couch cleaned.

Spoiler alert: It took her way more than five rounds to get the water anywhere near clear.

Her first TikTok in her couch series went viral.

And I mean super viral. To date, over 24.5-million people have watched Cecilia try (and fail) to get her couch clean.

After that first video, people demanded a part two. And of course she delivered — the couch wasn't clean yet, after all!

And before you think it...

No, she's not just sucking the dye out of the couch. I had the exact same thought when I first saw this series on my "For You" page, but it is in fact dirt that she's lifting. BRB, gotta go throw up!

On to Part Two!

Round five of the cleaning didn't go much better. Neither did round s. And wouldn't you believe it, round seven didn't get her there, either.

I just feel so bad for this poor girl. She was trying to save money by thrifting and wound up wasting hours of her life cleaning that dirty couch.

She used a different method for the cushion covers, at least.

Thankfully, the cushion covers were detachable. Cecilia soaked them in a tub with some baking soda, detergent, and extra strength Febreze. I think those were all the right choices, tbh.

Part Three!

Alright, let's do this. Rounds eight, nine, and 10 all yielded her some chocolate-milk looking water. Of course the chaise was the part giving her the most trouble. Specifically, the part your butt goes on. I don't wanna think about that.


After much trial and error, Cecilia got her damn couch clean. All that bending down definitely did a number on her back. If you're a chiropractor, hit her up — she's gotta be in crazy amounts of pain.

In the end, it took her three days to get that couch clean.

But here's what we all want to know: how many times did she clean it before the water ran clear?

I won't keep you waiting. It took her 11 tries to get the water to run even semi-clear. That was one dirty couch, y'all.