Gene Kelly Fans Have Mixed Reactions After Reports Of Chris Evans Playing Him Go Viral

Gene Kelly fans, get ready for a big announcement! It has been reported by Deadline that Chris Evans will be playing the infamous Hollywood legend in an upcoming, non-fiction coming of age story.

There's no denying that fans always have a lot of opinions when it comes to their favorite celebrity, especially someone as iconic as Gene Kelly, and those vocal fans are taking to social media to express their thoughts.

Gene Kelly is the epitome of the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Best known for his roles in Singin' in the Rain, An American in Paris and Xanadu, Gene was a triple threat.

Singing, dancing, and acting came naturally to Gene, who lived a full life until his death in 1996.

Now, it's being reported that Chris Evans will portray Gene in an upcoming non-fiction, coming-of-age story.

According to Deadline, the story, conceived by Chris, is about "a 12-year-old boy who works on the MGM Lot in 1952 and begins to create an imagined friendship with the legendary movie star Kelly while working on his next film."

Fan reaction has been mixed, to say the least.

"This drives me crazy. There are hundreds of actors who are incredible singers/dancers out there. I love Evans but unless he can SANG and HOOF it, then no. We don't need another Blah Blah Land," tweeted one fan.

"One day directors and companies will learn they shouldn't cast actors based on fame instead of talent for biopics," tweeted another critic.

"I'm sure there's some less famous actor out there that would be a better choice, they just didn't bother to look," they added.

However, not everyone was feeling so negative about it!

"Friendly reminder that Chris Evans [did] Tap Dance since he was a kid so he is very up to the challenge," pointed out one fan.

"Look at the silver lining: It could have been Chris Pratt," joked another.

I'm interested in seeing what will come of this!

h/t: Deadline