'Sister Wives' Fans Are Giving Janelle Brown A Standing Ovation After She Tells Kody To 'F— Off'

This season of TLC's hit show Sister Wives may be the most divisive yet. While fans have always gotten a candid look inside this plural family, I think it's safe to say there has never been such a dramatic fan reaction in the show's 11 years.

Now, fans are rallying around Kody Brown's second wife Janelle after she told her husband to eff off.

When I tell you I am consumed with "Sister Wives" content these days, I mean it. These ladies are giving us the content we deserve in the bleakness of this year.

I cannot wait until Sunday nights when I get to see this plural family hash out their messy family drama on my TV. However, this past season feels heavier than usual.

On this week's episode of the hit TLC show, Kody Brown's second wife Janelle stood up to her husband in a way I can only describe as iconic.

If you haven't been watching the series, I'll catch you up quickly. Basically, Kody has a very strict set of COVID-19 rules for his plural family to follow, which is totally understandable, however, he seems to bend those rules for his fourth and only legal wife, Robyn.

The wives, and fans, were shocked to learn Robyn had been letting a nanny in and out of her house despite visitors being a strict no-no for Kody.

This animosity hit a breaking point on Sunday night's episode after Kody laid out his rules for Thanksgiving amidst the pandemic.

"I’m not going to tell this family how they do it. I am going to lead the way that I think is the right way,” Kody told his wives, as per Page Six.

He explained that the parents had "an obligation to a very large amount of people" to keep the family running smoothly and safely.

"I’ve told you this so that you can share it with your children so that they can understand the perspective instead of making phone calls to me, telling me, 'Dad. Hey, your rules are taking a toll on our family.'"

In response to Kody's rules, Janelle was quick to fire back.

"You don’t think I’m aware? You don’t think I’m being careful?" she asked,

"I think you understand the big picture that I have and I want you to just respect that, ok?" the patriarch replied.

While walking away, Janelle told Kody to "F— off."

This moment caused a huge wave of support for Janelle on social media.

Fans couldn't believe someone had finally said it!

"Janelle Brown telling Kody to [explective] off is everything I have wanted for the last 16 seasons!!!" tweeted one fan.

"Get ‘em girl!!!" they added.

"Janelle telling Kody to "F-off" may just be one of the best moments in all of #SisterWives history!!" tweeted another fan.

It's safe to say tensions are still running high in the weeks following Christine's daughter Ysabel's surgery.

Since Kody is making the family follow strict COVID guidelines, he was unable to be there for his daughter during her major spinal surgery.

"Let's not forget people, not only did he choose not to be by the side of his daughter Ysabel during her very difficult spine surgery, he ALSO chose not to support his granddaughter Evie K for her amputation!" tweeted one upset fan.

"Just heartless!!!" they added.

"Wow Kody wow.... Janelle and HER kids.... You're a trash [explective] human being," tweeted one fan.

"AND then you're whining about how much you sacrificed. Please tell me what you sacrificed sitting up in Robyn's house abandoning Ysabel while she's having major surgery. Man shut the [explective] up."

I think it's safe to say most viewers are #TeamJanelle at this point.

We're still so early into the season I can't even believe there's still so much to watch!

Tune in Sunday nights on TLC to keep up with all the Brown family drama, or just come here for the highlights ;)