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Debate Sparks After A Cake Decorator Scrapes Off Icing To Reuse Cake

Many times on TikTok, people post videos of "hacks" and ways that businesses do things that many people do not know and realize.

Because of this, some people find the newfound information weird or even gross when it comes to things like food. But, behind the scenes, some people just don't realize how companies, stores, and restaurants work in order to fill people's requests and orders.

A TikTok video online went viral recently for showing how Walmart sometimes makes sheet cakes.

TikTok user @Tiffanys_Cakes showcased a video in which they took a sheet cake from Walmart, like those big party cakes people usually buy for birthdays, and decided to reuse it and make it for a different occasion.

The video showcases the bakery worker completely stripping the original icing.

All that was left on the sheet cake was plain white icing, so it was almost like a blank canvas.

Then, with a plain white cake, they were able to make it into anything the customer had requested.

The customer had ordered a graduation cake with a red border.

Using the plain white icing cake that they had stripped, the baker was able to re-ice the cake with the proper colors the customer had requested and also write the message that they wanted, adding some graduation decor on top as well.

People online, however, thought this was cheap and also gross.

Many people on TikTok commented that they couldn't believe that Walmart (or any bakery) would use an old cake for a new order from a customer.

Some said it was "gross" to resell an old cake.

After receiving some negative comments, Tiffany reposted the video explaining.

Tiffany explained in a later video that the cake wasn't "old," but was "fresh out of the freezer."

Many bakeries do freeze cakes to keep them fresher and lasting longer. This cake had been pre-decorated, but was not "old."

The reason they used it was to fill an order.

Tiffany shared that they did not have another plain, un-iced vanilla/white cake to use, which is what the customer had requested for the cake order.

Therefore, they used the fresh cake and just redid the icing on it to fill the order.

She also assured users it wouldn't dry out.

Many TikTok comments were talking about how the cake was probably hard and dried out, so it's "bad business to sell it."

However, Tiffany assured people that cakes that are frozen like this actually stay fresher and do not dry out.

Many other people on TikTok backed Tiffany up.

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Some people who also work in stores such as Walmart shared that they freeze the vast majority of the cakes like this because they do not all sell every single day.

Keeping cakes in the freezer allows them to last longer and keep them fresh.

Some even chimed in about wedding cakes.

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One comment said that many people don't realize that even professional bakeries do this, too.

They even pointed out that wedding cakes are oftentimes baked prior to the wedding and then put in the freezer to stay fresh.

One TikTok user said her mom is a professional baker and this is fact.

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A commenter said that her mom is actually a bakery owner and that it's totally true that people freeze pastries and cakes.

It's impossible to cook everything fresh without having a 100 person team to do so every single day.

And, one person even pointed out that icing has a whole purpose on cakes.

Another person online said people seem to forget that the purpose of icing isn't to make everything taste surgery and good, but it's to keep the cake moist and keep it from drying out completely.

The more you know!