Woman Calls For An End To 'Sexist' Clothing Care Tags In Viral Video

If you're easily enraged, check your blood pressure before reading this one.

See, TikTok user @one.in.a.millie.on, aka Millie, recently posted a video showcasing some sexist clothing tags she found online. If you're thinking, "How could a clothing tag be sexist?" then, boy, are you unprepared for how bad these are.

Let's check it out.

It's gonna be a lot of this.

This is Millie. She's a hobbiest, history nerd, and frequently goes viral on TikTok for calling out sexism in its everyday form. Her most recent viral hit? Sexist family Christmas cards.

However, her most viral video is over clothing tags like the one pictured above.

She found so many examples.

The real shame here is that jokes on clothing tags COULD be a good idea. Instructing people to take it to a professional would be infinitely more useful than assuming a woman will do a job the consumer apparently can't.

This is so sad.

I love that the sexism here has different flavors.

Flavor A: Women don't buy RipNDip clothes at all. And the men that do treat their girlfriends like their moms, I guess? And I guess gay women don't exist to them? Flavor B: Straight up "moms are the only ones who do housework" sexism. The usual.

Where are the jokes?

Like, where is the funny? "Dirty laundry keeps women busy." Actually dirty laundry usually results in me procrastinating washing it and then throwing everything together on a cold wash and praying for the best.

It's honestly not even a good joke. On top of being offensive, it's also just plain lazy.


I wish I could talk about this without getting all riled up, but it's kind of impossible. Casual sexism is insidious — it normalizes little assumptions and prejudices against women, and those little things start adding up to something much bigger. You know?

Luckily, the comments were full of absolute bangers.

I mean... right? Are men not a little offended that a random clothing brand doesn't think they can do laundry? If I found this on a shirt, I'd be irritated as heck. I mean, I'm bad at laundry, but they don't know that.

It's very this.

Sexism is a heck of a thing. It's a strange dichotomy of "women are useless" paired with "women must do everything."

Which is it, y'all? Because the self-own of putting "I don't know how to do a basic task" on a clothing label is hilarious to us.

Of course, men thought it was funny.

For every woman doing her best to improve the lives of her fellow women, there's a dude willing to keep perpetuating sexist stereotypes for clout. Never underestimate and Extremely Online man's need to seem edgy to stay at all relevant in today's world.

You can watch the whole TikTok here.

After you're done seeing some absolute nonsense, let me know your thoughts on this! I think we've established these jokes aren't harmless, so instead let me know what YOU would put on a clothing tag. Bring me the jokes, y'all!