Homemade '80s Calendar Featuring Hunks Doing Chores Resurfaces Online

What does your dream calendar look like?

I'm partial to a pop culture themed calendar myself. For one woman, however, her dream calendar was a bit... closer to home, shall we say?

Twitter user @fabiansociety revealed a hilarious calendar his mom and aunts made back in 1988. The topic? Men doing chores.

This is so funny.

"So in 1988 my mom and her sisters made a beefcake calendar called Every Woman’s Fantasy and do you want to see pictures?" @fabiansociety asked their Twitter followers.

The answer was a resounding "YES." I mean, who wouldn't want to see that?

Let's dive in.

"They recruited some of these guys by randomly approaching hotties at parks," @fabiansociety explained.

"And then they and my grandmother did a photo shoot where all the dudes posed as though they were doing chores."

I LOVE that grandma got in on it, too.

The chores were wide-ranging.

His mom and sisters used props from around their homes to set each scene. I love that they had February here iron a pink shirt — it sends a strong message about him doing the ironing for both people in the house. Obsessed. Their brains were so huge.

Some of the chores included basic child-rearing.

This one blew my mind. Having to ask a dude to help clean up after his own child is a bit of a bummer, but this picture is too charming to get me down. Each of these guys looks slightly bewildered, and that's so funny.

Some of the props were BYOS (bring your own shorts.)

And the men they recruited? They nabbed them through handing out business cards.

"They rented a little office space and conducted interviews every 15 minutes, and asked all the applicants to wear 'a sporty outdoor look' and a more formal look."

They even got a sponsor for the calendar.

Okay, entrepreneurial ladies! The window you see here was provided with promotional consideration by Pella Windows. This is so ahead of its time, you guys. If they did this now, they'd be Instagram famous in SECONDS.

They even contacted modeling agencies.

"The modeling agencies they contacted kept sending over chippendales kind of guys, and they kept saying, no, all the guys had to be in their 30s and 40s."

I can't believe they hired MODELS, too. Like real, professional models! These woman are my heroes.

They weren't all professional models, though.

"About half the models were professional, and half were guys they just found, because they wanted them to look like regular hot dudes."

I love that. People who aren't regular models have a different energy, and that totally comes across in pictures like this one.

Some of the pictures even had full stories!

"They had little back stories for some of the guys; the one here was that after both parents came home from work, he immediately emptied the dishwasher before changing."

Ugh, an empty dishwasher really is the dream.

Men, this is the key to being hot.

I'm not joking. Having a partner who takes equal responsibility for household chores is very attractive. It's so nice to have an equal! Things get done faster, more efficiently, and everyone is happier.

Trust me, these women knew what they were doing.

The calendar never took off, sadly.

Despite it being the greatest calendar I've ever seen, they only made one copy. However...

"My mother wants me to tell you that she was ahead of her time for 1988 and that you should retweet these if you think she should do another edition."

Let me go do some retweeting, BRB.