Restaurant In Portland Ditches Tips For 22% Service Fee

A restaurant in Portland is making national headlines after deciding to forgo tips in order to give their staff a liveable wage. Instead of tipping, customers would pay a small service fee that would be evenly distributed amongst staffers.

The acclaimed Russian-inspired restaurant recently made the announcement on their website, and it's got a lot of people talking about the future of the service industry.

Portland restaurant Kachka is doing away with the "outdated" practice of tipping in their restaurant.

In a heartfelt post on their website, the Russian-inspired restaurant is striving for better wages and quality of life for their servers.

"We fell in love with the hospitality industry because we love taking care of others. In reality, we came up in an environment that never considered taking care of its own." their website reads.

Owners Bonnie and Israel Morales want to break the practice of tipping, which "has propagated a system of inequality, racism, and discrimination."

They tell their patrons it's "time to break from the dysfunctional status quo" and encourage them to research the racist origins of tipping.

Now, a 22% service fee will be automatically applied to every bill at Kachka — no tip line, no expectations!

This ensures the restaurant will be able to pay their servers a wage of $25 per hour and give them free health insurance — how amazing is that?!

They end their message by encouraging fellow restaurant owners to reach out to them if they have an interest in creating a more fair working environment.

Way to go, Kachka!

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