UPS Driver Gets Promoted After Leaving A Kind Message For A New Mom

Jordan Claes

It costs nothing to be kind, yet for some reason, altruism is rarer and harder to come by than even the most precious gemstones and minerals.

But recently, a part-time UPS delivery driver named Dallen Harrell decided to go above and beyond by leaving a heartfelt message of congratulations on a new mom's doorstep — causing an avalanche of kindness to sweep through Roswell, GA, and beyond.

Jess Kitchel is a devoted wife and mother from Roswell, GA.

When Jess isn't being a super mom, she enjoys traveling abroad with her husband, Mack, getting lost in the great outdoors, and burying her nose in a good book.

On November 14th, 2021, Jess and Mack welcomed their second child into the world.

Jess' self-described "miracle baby" goes by the name Chancy Mack Kitchel. He was born at 11:36 AM, without complications, and as you can tell from the photo — he's one adorable-looking newborn.

A few weeks later, while Jess was still recovering from her C-section, there came a knock at her door.

Jess' Nest video doorbell captured a heartfelt message from 24-year-old UPS delivery driver, Dallen Harrell.

"If this is the 'It's a Boy' house, who had the...I forget the name on the bird... I hope all is going well with your newborn," Dallen said into the camera.

"I had a child around the same time you guys did, and I just hope everything is going good. God bless; Happy Holidays."

At the time, Jess had been recovering in isolation for nearly three weeks — feeling run down and exhausted. When she played back the video message, Dallen's heartfelt sincerity moved her to tears.

What touched her the most was the selflessness of Dallen's message.

In an interview with Bored Panda, Jess said that Dallen "Not only remembered it was our house, but he took the time to send me a message that he didn’t know if I would ever see.”

Determined to find out who Dallen was, Jess posted the video to Instagram and asked for help in identifying him.

A few weeks later, thanks to the help of some of Jess' eagle-eyed followers, she and Dallen were finally able to meet in person. "So many people messaged me asking if I found him because they wanted to help, too!” Jess explained.

During their meeting, Jess learned that Dallen's baby, Devereaux, never had a baby shower.

Wanting to pay forward the kindness that Dallen had shown her and her family, Jess decided to post the links to Dallen's baby registry in her Instagram story.

Thousands of fellow Instagram users heard Jess' call to action, and the response was overwhelming!

In no time at all, packages began arriving for Dallen and little baby Devereaux — everything from diapers to highchairs, and of course lots of toys for the young one to play with.

The response was so positive that Jess completely wiped out Dallen's baby registry and then some!

Judging from this picture alone, it's abundantly clear that Dallen and his family won't need to worry about buying diapers for Devereaux any time soon.

Dallen told Bored Panda that he never anticipated such a generous response from so many people.

"When I left the comment at the doorbell, I didn’t even expect to hear from them, and so many blessings have followed behind,” he said happily.

Among those blessings for baby Deveraux, Dallen himself was also offered a full-time position as a driver with UPS.

The company even saw fit to gift him a brand new tablet. This just goes to show that an ounce of kindness can go a long way, and it carries more weight than all the gold in the world.