20 Times People Thought That No One Would Discover The Mistakes They Had Made

Look, we have all made the odd mistake from time to time, and a large portion of us will also have tried to sweep our mistakes under the rug while whistling nonchalantly in order to get away with it.

However, a lot of the time, these mistakes will be found out…as the instances on this list just go to show!

"The kids tried to blame the footprints on the dog..."

Unless this dog has learned how to draw human-shaped footprints with its paws. I see what you are doing here dog, your innocent face is not fooling me!

"My zipper broke at work, right before a few important meetings."

Time to get a Sharpie and color in those safety pins! If you just leave them like this then it will just look shockingly obvious what has happened!

"When you're working from home and you hit video instead of audio."

It is just a good job that they were covered up by the duvet and don't sleep in the nip. That could have been an even more alarming situation if so.

"Blame that guy!"

Why would that be happening so frequently? This guy needs to start going to the toilet before he leaves the house, as this is not natural. Either that or maybe go see a doctor.

Someone Messed Up...

The person who posted this explained: "Stoplights in Lake Tahoe filled with snow due to a crappy design of not having the bottom cut out to prevent snow accumulation. It's a world-class ski area, snow should be a key factor in all design decisions."

"My granny's statue broke to pieces so I salvaged what I could."

I am sure that their grandmother won't notice what has happened here. Or, maybe she loves Star Wars in which case she may love this new look!

"I have been working an outdoor clinic and didn't think about sunscreen. Now I have a mask-shaped sunburn, but only on half my face."

That is going to be one hell of a difficult tan line to even out! I wouldn't even know where to start!

"So glad that I am working alone today."

This person did go on to write as an update, "I have been rescued by a team of 8 year olds. Rewarding them with slurpees." There really was no way down without help here, not without breaking a limb at least.

"No rope, no straps, no problem."

Did someone slap this guy on the back and say, "That ain't going nowhere," before they took off? Perhaps he just slapped himself on the back. There is also a seatbelt right there, I hope that he is at least holding on to it.

"When you realize yeast doesn't stop working just because it is in a dumpster!"

Jesus, this looks like it should be the start of an episode of Doctor Who. I can just imagine this thing growing a face and sucking people into it.

"Lemme squeeze right in there."

This is one of the fastest ways that you can turn workplace items into one giant blender. If you want to make a person smoothie, then take advice from this image.

"What are harnesses? Snow and freezing temps are just an extra challenge."

Why does the person on that roof look remarkably like big-foot in this picture? I know that it can't be though as big-foot would never be so irresponsible!

That Wasn't Very Smart...

"My neighbours son was hiding from them so he could sneak a smoke, he put his bud out on a paper bark tree and set the tree and my back yard on fire. First photo is how close the fire was to my gas bottles," wrote the individual whose yard this is.

"The ascension..."

One person pointed out that this guy looks like a cat being lifted up by its owner after it has just been doing something that it really shouldn't have been, and I love that comparison.

"My father forgot to tell me the renovators that we have in the house would be taking the stairs out today."

I hope that these two workers are going to be cool about throwing this guy up snacks periodically throughout the day.

"My neighbor has a turbine with a bad is obnoxiously loud. He went to go check it out because it's been real quiet lately."

"Dave, I know you shot my turbine."

"How do you know it was me?!"

"Because you're literally the only person in the area with a bow and arrow...and you're crap with it."

"Housemate's dog got into my 6 hour Butter Chicken. No dinner for me tonight."

I bet that this dog thought that it had managed to get at that chicken without there ever being a shred of evidence. Oh you poor pooch, how terrifically wrong you are.

"Found my $150 quart of ceramic paint tied to a tree at the edge if the woods 10 feet from the driveway. Thanks UPS."

This kind of looks like a trap used to ensnare art students. Approach this with a great deal of caution!

"My Gym is trying to catch the phantom pisser with the help of a little competition."

First people are having to put up security cameras to catch phantom poopers, now they are having to ask people to help them catch phantom pissers! What has this world come to!

"Last month, a barge broke loose from an anchor during a storm in Vancouver. Today, Vancouver Park Board put up a new sign."

I bet that the owner of that barge probably thought they could just quietly float that barge back home, but alas no.

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