The Most Overrated TV Shows Of 2021

One of the only benefits to having to spend most of the past year indoors has been having all the time in the world to watch TV, especially with all the great shows we've gotten lately. Whether you're watching on streaming services like Netflix or Disney+, or you're sticking to old school cable, there's been no shortage of TV gold to watch this year.

But there's also been no shortage of shows that just did not live up to the hype. Let's take a look at some of the most overrated shows of this year.

Tiger King 2.

It feels like forever ago that the entire world got swept up in all the drama in Netflix's documentary Tiger King, but it turns out there really can be too much of a good things — or maybe we've all realized since 2020 that there's really no winners in this particular fight.

Fans aren't quite as on board for the sequel as they were for the first one.

Neither is the rest of the world — in fact, instead of making the news for the wild virality of the first, Tiger King 2 has mostly made headlines for the wrong reasons, namely lawsuits over footage from Ace Ventura.


Now, this is no shade to Elizabeth Olsen or Paul Bettany, who did an incredible job showing off their acting chops on Disney+'s highly anticipated WandaVision, which came out early this year.

Unfortunately for them, there's just no way the show could've lived up to the impossible hype the Internet built up.

Unfortunately, it got overshadowed by some of the other Disney+ Marvel shows that came out later in the year.

According to one fan, the show was "greatly acted but too overrated for its own good. More award hype than a good Marvel show."

Honestly, I thought Loki and Captain Falcon And The Winter Soldier were both more entertaining watches!


Okay, this one technically came out on Christmas 2020, but like most of us, I binged it in January on the recommendation of basically the entire internet, and to be honest? It wasn't really all that.

The costumes were gorgeous and the music was fun, but the show didn't live up to its hype.

I'm not the only one who thought so.

"Unpopular opinion: Bridgerton is vastly overrated, and I'm kind of surprised the Emmys were into it. If it wasn't for the male lead, I would have noped out," one fan shared.

Nobody's saying the Duke wasn't eye-candy, but I agree!


When Netflix dropped Sex/Life, the internet was absolutely enraptured — not only by the show's NSFW scenes, but by the melodramatic plot and soap opera-level theatrics of the plot.

Unfortunately, it didn't really stand out, and many people felt like it wasn't even bad enough to be entertaining.

Maybe season 2 will breathe a little more life into the show.

That's right — Netflix confirmed in September that a second season was coming, in no small part to the way the show blew up on social media.

In my opinion, any show with the amount of sex scenes in it that Sex/Life had would've done the same, but maybe season 2 will prove me wrong!

What do you think?

What were your most overrated shows in 2021? Do you vehemently disagree with our list? Do you think one of these shows was actually underrated? Let us know in the comments how you really feel!

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