Man Shares Hilarious Book Of Insults His Mom Gifted Him To Fight School Bullies (It Didn't Help)

If you're anything like me, you know a thing or two about schoolyard bullies. Unfortunately, kids can be mean — whether you know that first hand, or through the experiences of your children. As a parent, you want to instill good morals in your children, but you also want to make sure they know how to defend themselves.

Enter one mom whose gift has gone viral on Twitter after her soon hilariously shared it.

Being a parent of a child who's being bullied is incredibly difficult.

Many parents turn to resources outside of the home to help navigate these situations, and while most of them can be helpful, some can be borderline comical.

One of those comical examples is going viral from Twitter user Dylan Adler.

Sharing a glimpse into a book called "Insults and Comebacks" Dylan gave the universe a much-needed laugh.

"My mom got this book to help me when I was getting bullied in middle school I’m dying," he wrote.

One of the picture's Dylan shared was called "Invoking the Classics" which featured a series of lines like "Oh, it's no on" and "Bring it on!"

My personal favorite? "Talk to the booty, 'cause the hand's off duty!"

In response to the tweet going viral, Dylan did clarify that the book did not help.

The comments were filled with people sharing the books they were gifted during those trying times as well.

At least we can look back and laugh, right?