Leonardo DiCaprio Almost Recreated 'Titanic' By Jumping Into A Frozen Lake To Save His Huskies

Titanic is the most important film of all time. Okay, maybe that's slightly dramatic but I really stand by that statement with my whole heart. I love Titanic the way I love carbs and wine — it's a forever kind of love.

Now, it seems Leonardo DiCaprio cannot escape his Titanic claim to fame as he inadvertently recreated the iconic film while shooting his latest movie, Don't Look Up.

During a press interview with the ALL-STAR cast of the new Netflix film "Don't Look Up" Leonardo DiCaprio was encouraged to share an on-set tale that was almost too close to "Titanic" to believe.

The cast, which includes Meryl Streep, Jennifer Lawrence, Jonah Hill, and Tyler Perry, listened intensely as Leo recounted the story.

Director Adam McKay kicked off the story by saying: "The funniest thing was, Leo has these two rescue Huskies that are just absolute tornadoes."

"Jonah would send me pictures of your ripped-apart couch," he laughed.

Adam them encouraged Leo to tell the "frozen lake" story.

Essentially, Leo was a hero when one of the rescue huskies fell into the frozen lake and needed to be saved.

"One of the dogs fell in, and he jumped in the frozen lake to save the dog and as soon as he pushed the one dog out of the pond the other one jumped in," Jennifer explained.

Leo chimed in: "The other one started licking the one that was drowning and then we all were in the frozen lake together." Hmmmm, sound familiar to anyone?!

"[Living in California] I didn't understand what you do at a frozen lake," he added.

Thankfully, Leo and the dogs were all okay and my theory about Leonardo being the ultimate gentleman has been proven correct.