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A Better Way To Dry Our Shoes Has Been In Front Of Our Faces This Whole Time

Much like TikTok user (and hack discoverer) @sidneyraz, you're about to learn something new today.

See, we've all been washing and drying our shoes wrong. I know, I know. You've heard a variation on that phrase a million times, right? According to the internet, we're always doing something wrong.

However, go with me on this one, because I'm about to save you a dryer-induced headache.

Meet Sidney.

And Sidney's shoes. Sidney, like me, is in his 30s and learning something new every single day. Isn't being in your 30s just a wonderful experience? Ever-growing, ever learning!

Meet Sidney's shoes.

They got wet, and he needs to dry them off. So off he goes to the dryer to get the deed one.

Instead of just tossing them in there and calling it a day, he ties the shoelaces together.

Here's the game changer.

Holding the shoes by the knot of the laces, dangle the shoes just inside the door and then close the door on the laces. The knot should be outside the dryer door.

Just turn it on.

That's it. Let the shoes dangle and turn the dryer on. The sound you hear? Silence. Because the shoes aren't causing a commotion. There's no percussion section practicing in your laundry room — just sweet, blissful silence.

I hate to say it, but my mind has been blown.

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It never occurred to me that there was an alternative to listening to shoes bang around in a dryer. I figured that was just how adult life was, you know? But no. There's a hack for everything in this world.

Some people weren't into it.

Listen, I get it. There's a certain nostalgia for the sound of shoes banging around a dryer drum like a toddler banging on some toy drums. But some of us live in apartments, and dryer earthquakes do not a good neighbor make.

Even celebrities were impressed with the hack.

If you watched Even Stevens, you'll recognize Christy Carlson Romano as Ren, Shia LeBeouf's fictional older sister. Her mind was just as blown as the rest of us over this hack!

See, this is what I do!

I wear Vessis, which are waterproof shoes that you can machine wash. I just stick 'em in the sun to dry and grab them after 24 hours. Why? Because I don't want a tornado in my dryer, of course.

So, what do you think?

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Is this hack something you're interested in trying, or are you someone who removes their laces before they wash their shoes? Is this hack your new go-to shoe trick? Either way, let me know!