Grandma Horrified After Discovering That ‘Pin-Striped’ Pants Are Very NSFW

One grandmother got quite the shock when it was pointed out to her that her brand new "pin-striped" trousers were definitely not pin-striped!

When her granddaughter saw the trousers, it was pointed out to the grandmother that her trousers actually had a very rude message hidden in them, she was far from pleased — as you can probably imagine.

Our grandparents can play a truly integral part of our lives, by often teaching us important life lessons.

Unsplash | Johnny Cohen

However, sometimes our grandparents can also inadvertently find ways of making us laugh.

This can certainly said for TikToker Chelsea's grandmother whose trousers were unexpectedly covered in expletives.

Chelsea posted the clip of her nan discovering what her trousers really said on TikTok.

In the video, Chelsea wrote, "My nana thought these pants were pin-striped."

When inspected more closely, the trousers were actually made up of lines of text which repeatedly read, "F*** you," over and over again.

Chelsea's grandmother had apparently thought that the trousers were a pin-striped pattern.

Some people were in favor of the trousers though, with one person writing, "I'd wear them constantly! Where'd she get them?"

"I need these for work like tomorrow!" wrote another enthusiastic fan of the expletive trousers.

Even if Chelsea's nan was not pleased with the trousers, there were plenty of people who were, which is something!

Hopefully these amazingly sweary trousers will not be enough to get this grandmother on the naughty list this year, as many people in the video's comments worried.

Remember people, always check your trousers closely before buying them!

h/t: TikTok